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Consideration      Before Present    Brief Description
Lake Turkana                     3,300,000                        Earliest tool knapping
Africa                                  3,000,000                        Australopithicines crude tool use Oldowan
China                                   1,600,000                        Homo Erectus in China
AfroAsia                              1,500,000                        Homo Erectus tool/fire use Acheulean-Oldowan
England                               1,000,000                        Human presence

CO2 levels                650,000                   Last time similar to present warming
Glacial                      621-676,000  MIS 16
YDNA A                                    580,000           Sapiens, Erectus, Neanderthal, Denisova, Flores

Europe                                     500,000           Neanderthal Mousterian established

Interglacial                563-478,000 MIS 13-15
Warm Conditions North  520 - 405,000 High Sea Levels
Europe                                     500,000           Neanderthal Mousterian established
Froze over in 25,000 years from 405-380,000
Divergence                              400,000           Sapiens Neanderthal Denisova Erectus speciation
Glacial                       478-424,000 MIS 12

Interglacial                424-374,000 MIS 11
Low sea level extended   340-380,000 Northern Glaciers
Super Warm Conditions  330-340,000           Long term warm, high sea levels
Mars                                        330,000           summer solstice correlation with ‘city’ & ‘face’
Extended Low sea levels  240-312,000           Glaciated North Land bridges exposed
Froze over in 18,000 years from 312-330,000
Glacial                           330,000 – 230,000

MTDNA L Macro                     288,600           Subsaharan Africa, became M,N, R  

Interglacial                   240,000-225,000
North Warm Conditions          237,000           High Sea Levels
The Beginning Kolbrin          231,840           Civilized Society of the Gods

Low Sea Level                         225,000           Glaciated North
Froze over in 12,000 years from 237-225,000

Glacial                           200-130,000       MIS 6
Low Sea Level                                 180-135,000           Glaciated north
Great Blue Hole                                153,000 Above water, low sea level, glaciated north
Homo Erectus fossil                        143,000 raft building, S. Asia seacoast, shovel shaped incisors
Saginaw Comet Impact                  140,000                 Formation of Carolina Bays, Sandhills N.Amer.

Interglacial                   130-115,000       MIS 5e
North Warm Conditions                125,000 High sea levels
Interstadial warm                          130-115,000          Present Sea Level Height +135 M, Eemian
Froze over in 5,000 years from 135-130,000 then 15,000 years warm
Northern Civilization                       135,000?              Oera Linda Book Mythical northland warmtime *
Mauritanian Coast           130,000-115,000                Richat Structure on coast in estuary
Northwest Passage         130,000-115,000                Open as per European legend
Puma Punku, Tiwaniku                  135,000?              Andes, Lake Titicaca, megalith *
Saksayhuaman                                  135,000?              Andes fortress, megalith *
Melancovich Cycle                  132,400           Minimum axis tilt 22.1 warm conditions

Latest Glacial                               118,000-18,000

San                                                         120,000 Begin gene exchange with panmictic Africa
Low Sea Levels                   118-18,000           Glaciated North
China                                                     115,000 Millet
Glacial begins`                                   110,000 Rapid cooling North, sea level drop, warm South
Melancovich Cycle                             92,700                 Maximum axis tilt 24.5, Wurm glaciation

Age of Taurus                                      76,160                
Out of Africa                                        75,000                 Homo Sapiens migrated from Africa again
Neanderthals                                      75,000                Interbred with Sapiens in Europe again
Denisovians                                          75,000                 Admixture Sapiens: Melanesians/Pre-South Americans
Age of Aries                                         74,160
Toba eruption                                      73,000           Cooling Climate, bottleneck mammals SE Asia

Age of Pisces                                     72,160                  
MTDNA N macro                                71,000                 Australia, W. EurAsia with haplotypes M & R
Age of Aquarius                                  70,160                
Asia                                                          70,000                 Homo Sapiens migrations
Scholz’s Star                                    @70,000  .8 Light Yr from sun binary star inside Oort Cloud flyby
India                                                        70,000                 Homo Sapiens in India
Glacial                                              71-12,000     MIS 2-4, 5a-d
Age of Capricorn                                68,160                
Age of Sagittarius                               66,160                
MTDNA R Macro                                66,000                 origin SW Asia? India, Saudi Arabia, Melanesia

Great Blue Hole                                  66-60,000           Above water, lower sea level, glaciated north

Age of Scorpio                                     64,160                
Age of Libra                                          62,160                
Olmec Maya                                         61,486                 Begin New Calendar Round   13
Age of Virgo                                         60,160                
YDNA B M60                                         60,000                 Tropical Africa, Pygmies some in Iran, Hazara
Australia                                               60,000                 Homo Sapiens in Australia
YDNA D  M174                                     60,000                 coastal migration Jomon, Ainu, Andaman, Japan, Arabia
Neanderthals                                      60,000                 Sapiens admixture in M East, India, Europe, Denisovans
+MTDNA C                                            60,000                 NE Asia, Amerinds, Siberia, Eurasia
MTDNA M macro                               60,000                 Asia, Japan, Tibet
Age of Leo                                            58,160                
Age of Cancer                                      56,160                
Olmec Maya                                         56,366                 Begin new Calendar Round   12
MTDNA U                                              55,000                 paleolithic Europe, W.Eurasia, N.Africa, S. Asia
YDNA E                                                   55,000                 African, Bantu, lite Arabia, Malta, Greece, Baltic
Age of Gemini                                     54,160                
Age of Taurus                                      52,160
Melancovich Cycle                             51,700                 Minimum axis tilt 22.1, glaciation & lower sea level

Osirion Egypt                           50,000                       Dated Brian Foerster

Olmec Maya                                         51,240                 Begin new Calendar Round   11
Genetic bottleneck                          50,000                 population crash, loss genetic variability out of Africa
Homo Florienses                                50,000                 went extinct on Flores SE Asia as Sapiens arrived

+YDNA C                                                50,000                 Indus, Americas,Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, E.Eur
MTDNA Q                                              50,000                 Australia, Melanesia, New Guinea
India                                                        50,000                 Lonar Crater Lake, bolide hit
+MTDNA B2                                         50,000                 Origin in SE Asia, found in Americas
MTDNA P                                              50,000                 Australia, Melanesia, Phillippines, Bataan origin SE Asia
+MTDNA A                                           50,000                 Origin Asia: N. America, Aleuts, Siberia, N. Asia
Age of Aries                                         50,160                
+MTDNA D                                           48,000                 E Asia, China, Amerinds, NE Asia, Central Asia
YDNA F  M89  macro                         48,000                 SW Asia, SE Asia 90% nonafrican hominids
Age of Pisces                                       48,160                
YDNA K macro                                     47,000                 S&W Asia, Formed T-R Y haplogroups    
Aurignacian                                          47,000                 CroMagnon (tall form?) Europe R1b Ydna, MTDna H
YDNA K                                                   47,000                 SW Asian origin, Australia, Micronesia, Melanesia
YDNA M-P256                                      47,000                 SE Asia, Melanesia, W New Guinea,
Age of Capricorn                                46,000                 Goatfish
Olmec Maya                                         46,124                 Begin new Calendar Round   10
MTDNA J                                               45,000                 paleolithic Europe, origin Levant/Caucasus
YDNA H M69                                        45,000                 paleolithic India, tribal India, Sri Lanka, Dravidians
Age of Aquarius                                                  44,160                
MTDNA F                                               43,400                 E Asia, SE Asia, Taiwan
Age of Pisces                                       42,160                
Age of Scorpio                                     40,160                
YDNA P macro                                     41,000                 became Q, R not found in Africa
YDNA O                (M214)                                                  41,000                 E Asia, Melanesia, SE Asia
Olmec Maya                                         40,998                 Begin new Calendar Round   9
MTDNA K                                              40,400                 Ashkenazi, Neolithic farming populations, Levant
Age of Libra                                          40,160
Italy                                           40,000           huge Campanian Ignimbrite (CI) volcanic eruption
Europe Severe Cold                 40,000                       Low Sea Levels Land bridge Italy/Africa

Neanderthal                                        40,000                 Uluzzian mix of Mousterian and Aurignacian
Neanderthal                                        40,000                 Assimilation/decline of Neanderthal phenotype
England                                    40,000           Chlorine date Stonehenge?  
Africa                                                      40, 000                East and West African populations mix
Egypt                                        38,000                       “Gods” Reigned in Egypt until 14,800 bp
Megalith Builders                               38,000                 Final Civilization
Puma Punku, Tiwaniku?                                  38,000?               Andes, Lake Titicaca, megalith *
Saksayhuaman?                                                 38,000?               Andes fortress, megalith *
Croatian Pyramids                             38,000?               Found with Stone Balls
Costa Rica                                              38,000?               Stone Balls arranged astronomically
Baalbek                                                                  38,000?               Megalith platform
Rapa Nui/Easter I.                             38,000?               Saksayhuaman style rockwork, megalith statues
MTDNA E                                                39,000                SW Pacific, Guam, Saipan, Indonesia, Philippines
Age of Virgo                                          38,160                 
Neanderthal admixture                                   37-42,000          Roumania Oase 1, 4-6 generations from Neanderthal
Age of Leo                                             36,160
Olmec Maya                                          35,872                Begin new Calendar Round   8
MTDNA G                                               35,700                Ainu, Japan, Mongol, Tibet, Jomon, Sea of Okhotsk
Europe                                                    35,000                Chatelperronian/Mousterian became Gravettian?
Hominim admixture                150-35,000  Europe, Asia, Africa, migrations,
Americas                                                35,000                Homo Sapiens migrations
YDNA R M207                                       34,700                Central Asia disbursal
Age of Cancer                                       34,160               
MTDNA Y                                                33,300                Ainu, N. Pacific, Sakhalin,
Age of Gemini                                      32,160
La Roche Cotard, France                  32,000                Le Masque Mousterien, Neanderthal
Re-creation Kolbrin                           31,840                emergence of modern societies              
YDNA J P209                                          31,700                Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Anatolia, Med. Sea
Olmec Maya                                          30,756                Begin new Calendar Round   7
Age of Taurus                                       30,160               
YDNA G                                                   30,000                Baltic, Mediterranean area, Pakistan, Alps
YDNA I M170                                         30,000                Bosnia, Macedonia, Danes, Finns, Iceland, Sardinia
MTDNA HV                                            30,000                origin central Asia, paleolithlic Europe, WAsia, S. Europe
+MTDNA X                                             30,000                Levant, N America, Druze, Scots, Algonquin, Sioux, Dene
YDNA L (K, M120)                              30,000                Indus Valley origin, Dravidian, S. India, Afghan, Syria
Age of Aries                                          28,160
Homo Erectus                                       27,000                Phenotype extinct or assimilated into Sapiens etc.   
Age of Pisces                                        26,160               
YDNA N                                                                   25,000                N Eurasia, Siberia, Finns, Saami, Baltics, Yakuts, Hungary
MTDNA H                                               25,000                Europe, Med. Sea, Gravettian, Magdalenian, Minoan
European Asian Split                          25,000                Genetic markers for migration
MYDNA T                                                25,000                origin Levant, Eurasia, Europe
Olmec Maya                                          25,630                Begin new Calendar Round   6
Age of Aquarius                                                   24,160                Water bearer
Israel                                                        23,000                evidence cultivation grain
MTDNA I                                                 23,000                Europe Carpathian, Iran, glacial expansion, Anatolia
MTDNA W                                              23,900                minority clade, Pakistan, Kurds, Caucasus, Australians
YDNA E3b M215                                   22,400                Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Sardinia, Europe, Africa, Tunis
Age of Capricorn                                 22,160                Goatfish: 
Solutrean                                               22,000                R1b Ydna Europe
Age of Sagittarius                                20,160                Archer:  hunting, war
Olmec Maya                                          20,504                Begin new Calendar Round   5
*YDNA R 173                                         18,500                Native American
YDNA R1b                                               18,500                British Isles, Iberia, Cameroon, Caucasus, W. Europe
Lowest Sea Level   Greatest Extent of Northern Glaciation
Immune system advantage            18,000                Successful admixture out of Africa, we are H. Sapiens
Homo Sapiens Archaic                      18,000                Extinct EurAsia, assimilation admixture
Neanderthal phenotype                                  18,000                Extinct Europe, assimilation competition climate change

Nazca Desert                                        18,000                Arid conditions
Bermuda Rise                                       18,000                Island present and on map S of 40th
Puma Punku, Tiwaniku                     18,000?              Andes, Lake Titicaca, megalith *
Saksayhuaman                                     18,000?              Andes fortress, megalith *
Malta                                                       18,000?              Megalith Civilization*
Japan                                                       18,000                Yonaguni, underwater now
India                                                         18,000                Kerala, Dwarka underwater now

Southern Hemisphere                      18,000                Warm shallow seas more land than now
Mediterranean Sea                            18,000                2 freshwater lakes, fertile valley, Gibralter landlocked

Malta Sicily Italy landmass               18,000                Menjdra, Gigantica, Hypogeum, tracks Malta
Europe                                                    18,000                Magdalenian/Gravettian cave art, microlithics
Age of Scorpio                                      18,160                Scorpion
Andes                                                      17,000?              Kalasasaya megaliths at Tiahuanaco
+YDNA Q                                                17,000                Dominant male haplotype in Native Americans appears

Rising Sea Levels
Europe                                                    17,000                Doggerland sinking, Finns migrating to Frisian territory
Asia                                                          17,000                Sundaland inundated
South Seas                                             17,000                Islands and shallows inundated
Jomon: Japan                           16,500           - 14,500 BC  to 300 AD
Shekinah                                                16,407
Age of Libra                                           16,160                Scales: trade, justice
 Shekinah                                               15,927
YDNA R M17 (R1b)                              15,800                Origin W India, assoc/w Indo European lang, Brahmins
Shekinah                                                15,447

Oronce/Reis maps          15,000 or 12,000                Height of Northern Glaciation/Shallow Southern Seas *
Antarctica                                               15,000                Antarctica partly ice free/low sea levels, Scotia Plate
Great Blue Hole                                   15,000                Above water, low sea level, glaciated north
India Sri Lanka                                      15,000                Tamil Empire connected landmass, large Maldives Rift

Levant                                                     15-13,000          Natufian Epipaleolithic sedentary culture on coast
Olmec Maya                                          15,378                Begin new Calendar Round   4

Rising Sea Levels

Shekinah                                                14,967

Egypt Shemsu-Hor                    14,800          End of Reign of Gods, Followers of Horus reigned, technology lost

Shekinah                                                14,487 
Europe                                                    14,000                Doggerland sinking, Finns migrating to Frisian territory
Asia                                                          14,000                Sundaland inundated
South Seas                                             14,000                Islands and shallows inundated

India                                                         14,000                Rama Empire War (legend or truth?) Dwarka     
Sahara                                                     14,000                Nabta Playa/verdant Sahara
Egypt                                                        14,000                Sphinx

Shekinah                                                14,007
Age of Virgo                                          14,160                Woman, grain

Global Warming       13,500-12,800         First Sea Level Rise

Clovis Culture                                      13,500-12,800                  North America, megafauna hunting
Shekinah                                               13,527
Shekinah                                               13,047
Turkey                                                    13,000                 Gobekli Tepe Megaliths
Japan                                                      13,000                 Ainu Jomon culture, pottery

Lake Agassiz                                         13,000                 Great Lakes Area, 1st warming melt flood
Quebec Comet Strike                       12,900                 Caused flood, disrupted warm current to N. hemisphere
Quari Lagoon Brazil strike               12,900                 bolide strike
Bolides                                                              @12,900  Corossol, Lloydminster and Bloody Creek Canada
Megalith Civilization                          12,900                 Cultural alteration/assimilation/destruction

Younger Dryas Glaciation         12,800-11,500  Global Cooling     
Pleistocene Megafauna Extinction

Shekinah                                               12,567
Age of Leo                                            12,160                 Lion
Deluge Kolbrin                         11,840           Ark legend
Shekinah                                  11,607
Shekinah                                  11,127
Shekinah                                               12,087

Holocene Interglacial  12,000+    MIS 1 the present
Antarctica                                             12,000                 Last Collapse of Larson B Ice Shelf +5 deg warm spike
Oronce/Reis maps?        15,000 or 12,000                Show Antarctica land

Arctic Europe/N.America       12,000     Surging Sea Levels

Spain                                                       12,000                 Old Tartessos disappeared?
China                                                       12,000                 Neolithic agriculture millet

Interstadial          11,500    2nd Global Warming Sea Level Rise

Megalith Civilization                          11,500                 Final Cultural alteration/assimilation/destruction
Atlantis                                                   11,650                 Disappeared under the sea (Plato’s date)
Nabta Playa                                          11,560                 observatory Egypt
Clovis Culture                                      11,500                 Cultural alteration/assimilation
SW China                                               11,500                 Red Deer Cave People, archaic characteristics

Shekinah                                               10,647
Melancovich cycle                             10,700                maximum 24.5 axial tilt

Neolithic in Europe                            10,200                 New lineages enter Europe, E1b1, Ashkenazi
Olmec Maya                                         10,252                 Begin new Calendar Round   3
Argentina                                              10,000                 Rio Quarto Craters asteroid strike
Lake Agassiz                                         10,000                 Refilled with glacial melt
+Americas                                             10,000                 Na dene, Inuit migrations

Antarctica                              10,000                    Larson ice shelf froze over
Shekinah                                               10,167

Age of Cancer                                      10,160                 Crab
Catal Hoyuk Turkey                             9,000                 Neolithic, chalcolithic, cattle, grain, lead
Indus Valley                                           9,380                 PreHarappan horizon
Shekinah                                                 9,627

Bolide Indicator                                                    9,500                 radiocarbon blip in dendrochronological record
Bolide hit                                                 9,640                 SEAsia,S. Aus,IndianO,Scand, Azores,SWMex,Tierradelfu
Another Destroyer Kolbrin              9,640                 bolide
MTDNA V                                                9,800                 from HVoa, origin Levant
Kolbrin Written?                                 9,440                 From the Destroyer +200 years, 10 generations
Shekinah                                                 9,207
Shekinah                                                 8,727
Shekinah                                                 8,247
Age of Gemini                                       8,160                 Twins   
China                                                         8,000                 written language petroglyphs

Axial Tilt Theory                                                   8,000                 24.1 then 23.5 now

Lake Agassiz                   8,200       Final flood, 9ft rise sea levels

Greenland warm period        8000-4,000     Settlements, seafaring, Minoan warming, bronze

Daxi   NW China                                   7000                                                                    5000 to 3300 BC
Yangshao China                                   7000                                                                    5000 BC to 3000 BC
Carnak France                                     7000

Shekinah                                                 7,767
Shekinah                                                 7,287
Persia                                                        7,000                 Hammered meteoritic iron
Shekinah                                                 6,807
Sumer                                                       6,500                 Establishment of first settlements
Shekinah                                                 6,327
Indus Valley                                           6,300                 Chalcolithic
Sothic Cycle                               6,241           Egyptian Civil Calendar began
Egypt, Sumer                                         6,000                 Hammered meteoritic iron

Sahara                                                    6,000                       Verdant but began drying
Age of Taurus                                        6,160                 Bull
Valdivia: coast Peru                             5,500                 Pottery                                 3500-1800 BC  
Shekinah                                                 5,847
Tauregs                                                                    5,600                 Haplotype Ydna E North Africa

Sahara                                       5,500                        Desertified

Shekinah                                                 5,367
Indus Valley                                          5,300                 Harappan Civilization ydna J2
Sothic Cycle                               5,247+-4      extrapolated
Olmec Maya                                           5,126                 Beginning of new Calendar Round   2
England                                                                    5,000                 Stonehenge
Middle East                                            5,000                 Iron smelting
Polynesia                                                 5,000                 Expansion in South Pacific, Rapa Nui
Shekinah                                                 4,887
Sothic Cycle                               4,773           Djer Egyptian record

Atland submerged                    4,705                        Oera Linda, Jutland/Doggerland flooded

Shekinah                                    4,407
Minoans                                                 4,700                 Minoan trading empire begins from Crete

Indian Ocean                             5000- 4,500 Burckle Crater, tsunami, bolide hit? Taurid?
Dodwell Karnak                                                    4,345                 25o 09’ 55”  precession aberration observed (Burckle?)

CLIMATE CHANGE                               4,350                 End of Neolithic Wet Phase, severe droughts ensued
Buache/Bouvet maps                        4,300                Onset of Glaciation in N. Antarctica/Rising Sea Levels                                                                                                      /drying of the Sahara/N. Hemisphere warming

Cultural Expansions                             4,300                 Agriculture expands, Age of Exploration

Cymbrian Flood geology                  4,193                 Frisians and Finns dispersed,  Doggerland flooded
Zuni                                                           4,000                                                            2,000 BC – 2017 AD

End Greenland warm period           4,000                 End of N. America, Greenland contact

Climate Change                  4,200                        End of Warm Period from 9,640 BP
Cultural change                                     4,200                 pattern of worldwide cultural extinctions
Age of Aries                                         4,160                   Ram: 
+Americas                                              4,000                 End Minoans Mining, ydnaR M 173, mtdna X *
Shekinah                                                 3,927

Bronze Age Europe                             3,700                 Ugarit, Israel, Mittani, Hittites, Mycenae, Cyprus, Cilecia
Sothic Cycle                              3,786             
China                                                        3,700                 Shang Dynasty
Persian Gulf                                           3,600                 Strait open and navigable
Turkey-Troy                                         3,600-3,100   Hittite Empire  IndoEuropean Language Ydna R1b1
Dodwell Karnak                                    3,570                 24o 32’ 06”
Sothic Cycle                               3,525-3,504

Thera Eruption                                      3,525 3,647    Destruction of Minoans

Olmec: S. Mexico                                3500                                                                    1500 BC to 400 BC
Shekinah                                                 3,447                 A Deluge
King Tutankamen Egypt                                    3,341                 R1b1a2 haplotype well established
Rise of Celts                                           3,200                 Urnfield Culture central Europe
End of Bronze Age Europe               3,200                 Drought Hatti, Wars, migrations, raiding, drop in trade
Mediterranean Sea Peoples           3,200                 Origins Sardinia, Anatolia, Greece, raided Levant, Egypt
Dodwell Chinese                                  3100                   24o13’56”
Dodwell Chou Kung                            3100                   23o54’04”
Egypt                                                         3,100                 Dynastic Egypt began, iron smelting
Adena: Midwest USA                         3,000                                                                 1000 to 200 BC
Chavin de Huantar:                           2.900                                                                   900 BC  to 200 BC

Shekinah                                                 2,967                 Solomon’s Temple built
Umm al Binni                                         3,000-5,000     Bolide hit S. Iraq
Dodwell Hindu                                   2900                      24o11’04”

Calendar                                                  2,700                 5 days added to 360 days worldwide several cultures

Swiss Lake Pile Dwellings                2,540                 In existence
Shekinah                                                 2,487
Maya: MesoAmerica                         2,350                                                 350BC to 1540 AD                      Hopewell: Midwest USA            2,200                                                     200 BC to 500 AD                    Age of Pisces                                      2,160                       Fish
Sothic Cycle                               2,139                       Roman Report
Cimbrian War                                        2,113-101    Rome defeats migrating Cimbri, Tuetons
Teotihuacan: C. Mexico                     2,100                                                                 100 BC to 550 AD
Shekinah                                    2,007           Birth of Jesus
Moche:                                                    2,000                                                                 100 AD to 800 AD

Shekinah                                    1,527
Dodwell Ben Maimon                        1174                   23o31’51”  Cordova
Dodwell Nasar-Al-Din                         1290                   23o31’40”  Maragha Persia
Shekinah                                                 1047
Sican                                                       1250                                                                                      750 to 1375 AD 
Wari:                                                        1400                                                                                    600 to 1000 AD
Cahokia: Illinois/St. Louis                  1400                                                   600 to 1400 AD
Chimu                                                     900                                                       1100 to 1470 AD
Celts                                                             500ad             Subjugated by Romans
China                                                           550                   Shanxi Province 10,000 killed meteorite rain
Shekinah                                                   567

Europe                                  463-163       ‘Little Ice Age’, Migrations to Americas
Sahara                                                         463-163         Increase in rainfall until 1800
Maunder Minimum                               368-288         Extremely low sunspot activity

United States                                           240                  technological civilization
Shekinah                                                      87
Tunguska                                                      92                  bolide hit Russia (1908)
Olmec Maya                                                  2                   Beginning of new calendar round (2012)  1
Melankovich Cycle                               present           23.1 axial tilt and decreasing to 22.1, 11,700 years away 
Age of Aquarius                                                     present           Water Bearer  as the seas rise
Shekinah                                                 next in the year 2393 AD

AD dates figured at 2000 instead of 2016
Zodiac Ages:     Three 26,000 year cycles plus 1, from  76,000 BP to present
The Shekinah     12 Venus cycles equals 480 years, each cycle is 40 years long    The Shekinah is when there is a conjunction of Venus and Mercury in the morning sky, which creates a great bright light for a few hours for a few days.  Shekinah comes in 3 multiples

Olmec  Maya  12  Calendar Rounds to 61,486 BP

Dodwell:      mathematical proof of precession aberration resulting from bolide strike,   related to the Melankovich Cycle

Sothic  Cycle  1,461 +- 4 years,    The star Sothis or Sirius or the Dog Star is only 13 + light years from Earth and as such does not follow the retrograde motion of the ecliptic.  Sirius has a small range of motion in relation to the Earth and appears to fluctuate in the four year range, which might reflect the orbital period of the binary system of Sirius.  The Sothic  Cycles  on the timeline are only those mentioned in the literature, as the  four  year error compounds itself into a much larger error.  Sirius is said to be moving towards us, will pass us and then recede into the interstellar distance.  (Wikipedia