Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Americans can Honor Representative Gabrielle Giffords

Representative Giffords supports and believes in the space program of the United States of America. Her husband is an astronaut on leave to be with his wife.

We as Americans should pledge our support for the exploration of outer space. Republicans and Democrats working together can help push through an expansion of the current space program that would also create jobs and encourage private investment in developing mining and other business opportunities off planet.

Our economy needs rare earth minerals, titanium and other riches to be found. We already landed on an asteroid and the moon and Mars and bits of our work are probably on the surface of Venus. We have had success. Cooperate with the other technological leaders to create new enterprises. Space Exploration is now our Manifest Destiny.

To honor Gabrielle Giffords, Americans can support her dreams of space exploration and her love of this country. Let us all work together to create a new world of hope and jobs in space exploration. Let us help give Gabrielle Giffords something she knows is important: an expanded space program.