Friday, August 17, 2007

Inclusive Iraq War Reports

Ask France to be report central
The collector of reports on the Iraq War
That our president will read
Before addressing congress
Pray for guidance into the future
Where reports from the actuals are given

May God allow reports to be written
May our leaders understand them
And use them to benefit our people
Towards the pathway to peace.
Let nothing stand in the way
Communicate from the front lines

Who would report on the Iraq War?
Mr. Maliki, Al Sadr, Baathist, Sunni, Kurds
Plus reports from adjoining countries
Regional countries and those who have troops
In Iraq and General Petreus
And our absent Secretary of State

May God grant that our President
Request these reports
Read these reports
In the name of God judge these reports
On the state of the Iraq War
And come up with a vision.

The time for vengeance is past
Vengeance will never be yours or mine
Since we cannot own the pain
Our duties are on Earth
And the suffering of the small ones
Transcends other goals.