Monday, June 24, 2013

Corruption in Public Life

Corruption is an issue.  By corruption, I mean the subversion of the goals of Democracy  and Republicanism to preserve the freedoms and not inhibit the economy, without allowing the capitalists to damage the world in a blind pursuit of profit at any cost.  The mission is perpetuation and sustainability of our economy and thus our way of life, while assisting those in need.  This mission is the primary mission and the long term planning required is ongoing and intense.   So far as we can plan without the intervention of unforeseen events.....

The necessity of flexibility is seen as a survival tactic in politics and biology due to the unpredictable sequences of events that do appear, given the  histories of the worlds.  For a political system to be so encumbered with debt that flexibility in response to changing conditions is limited the system will eventually dissolve as it struggles with reality.  It's like the wave of revolutions that swept across the nations the past few years.  The finding of the future successful path is difficult, as some seek it through religion and others seek it through politics and economics.  A unified approach based on the secular Golden Rule would be enough to bring peace, but some of the world persists in the dark behavior that appeared after the great flood as the prior civilizations disappeared, leaving tattered bands of desperate humans to rebuild civilization.  The great religions of today appeared during these times, all proving to be a successful method of survival, all passionately defended by their believers.  Judging from the number of wars occurring today, the survival value of such behavior is questionable. 

My issue today is corruption, which brought down the Roman Empire and the Greeks who would kill Socrates, and other nations corrupted by prejudice and greed like Hitler's Germany, and some of the other bloody dictators of the 20th century.  The weakness of the Romanovs, the ravages of Stalin, the senseless wars over property and water rights.  Corruption caused the downfall of many and the deaths of many. 

Right now a huge issue is the IRS scandal, where they were targeting non-profit political adversaries of the administration, even narrowing it down to those without lawyers in order to shut them down.  This is damaging to the credibility of the government, particularly at a time when the IRS is planned to be used to collect for Obama Care, which is certainly a new tax on the populace.  So now taxes are political?  The health care charges will be administered politically?  That's like the local supervisor getting tax break on her property, one not available to others.  This is serious corruption.  This is      

I mentioned prior civilizations that were destroyed.  Evidence is mounting that about 11,650 BP, a comet or asteroid hit the Earth, which caused a tsunami that caused a permanent sea level rise as the ice age was ending, which was about the time of the disappearance of Atlantis, according to Plato.  A comet hit the Earth around 6,000 BP and the island of Thera exploded about 4000 BP, all of which were devastating to the world. 

The world has changed.  The sea levels have been rising for 18,000 years and have suddenly risen more in the last few decades, a phenomena labeled global warming.  Whether this acceleration in polar ice cap melting is human caused or not is a topic of discussion with little action taken either way.  I guess we will learn if this is non adaptive behavior or not.  The configuration of land was vastly different 18,000 years ago, with shallow equatorial seas extending across the oceans, forming land bridges and island chains in places that are now submerged under 450 feet of ocean water.  Millions of acres of land was once habitable but is now submerged like Krishna's city and Atlantis and Yonaguchi.  Those civilizations had 35,000 years in which to develop.  Are we going to last that long? 

I recently read a book, Uriel's Machine, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, an impressive 466 pages long and indexed.  Uriel's Machine posits the idea that the early writings in our current civilizations were an attempt by survivors of the flood to educate the people in the celestial arts in order to perpetuate the knowledge necessary for successful agriculture.  The megalithic culture of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa built observatories like Stonehenge at strategic points, all evidence of an earlier, high civilization that existed before the end of the last ice age about 12,000 years ago.  This is an interesting theory that is backed up by interpretations of ancient documents and scientific evidence.  Other interpretations are possible, but I lean towards reading ancient writings as fact embellished by the telling.  The Megalithic Culture HAD to be of long term duration, if the celestial knowledge demonstrated by the  observatories were of human origin. 

Other writers think the pyramids at Giza are far older than previously thought and that they demonstrate a technical use rather than a religious use.  Perhaps during the last warm period 60,000 years ago, a civilization developed as is ours in the temperate zones, but died out as glaciers covered the land and obliterated most of the remains some 25,000 years ago.   Is monumental architecture featuring huge blocks of precisely cut stone standing on Holocene sands?

What does this have to do with corruption in public life?  The Holocene Civilization endured until natural disasters overcame it, submerging it beneath the seas all over the world, and leaving little trace in the 'temperate' areas of the world.  Maybe Krishna fled to the Andes bringing his harem of mtdna haplotype B with him or the distribution pattern of haplotype B indicates it could have spread from the Andes to Asia.  Evidence at Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku and other Andean sites indicates a prior civilization to the Incas and others now living there.  Whatever it was that took them out, it probably was not something they had control over. 

The Judeo Christian Bible blames sin on the deluge and the destruction of civilization to be rebuilt by the chosen ones but the real reason for the deluge was a strike from outer space.  Now the Megalithic builders knew how to sight in something approaching the Earth on a collision course and the Book of Enoch described a comet or meteorite hit that rained burning rocks down on everybody and made the sea crazy and killed many.  Again, they had no control over it even though they could see it coming. 

Now if we can get by all the corruption and declare the Golden Rule the law of the land and stop killing each other in the name of religion, maybe we can begin to take care of our planet.  All nations should allot money and personnel to set up an early warning system to detect asteroids and comets on a collision course with Earth.  Set up a means to deflect or destroy threatening astral bodies headed our way.  The issue of corruption in public life remains, as the mission of governments should be perpetuation and sustainability of the economies, while assisting those in need.  At this time, the whole world is in need of protection from preventable natural disasters like asteroid and comet strikes and if corruption gets in the way of achieving these goals, then it's time for a change.     

The secular Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.