Thursday, December 27, 2012

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

The future of the Pima GOP hangs in the balance between hosting the intolerant tricksters or hosting honest people who want to work for the good of the nation.  Anonymous slanderous e mails and anonymous 'ideology' green sheets at the big meeting are equally as undesirable inside an organization. 

These crass cowardly tactics bring hatred and anger to an organization that should have unity in order to accomplish goals like the protection of the 2nd amendment currently under fire. 

Happy New Year and I hope it is one for the GOP!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I see people on TV speaking of the need to restrict guns because of the danger guns present if not secured and handled with responsibility.  I know the poor woman was murdered by her own son using her own gun, but why didn't she secure those firearms away from the reach of an 'autistic' son?  Therein is the responsibility of gun ownership. 

I see people who earnestly believe that guns are the reason there is so much violence in the world today and that the citizenry of the USA would be better off without them.  These people are fools looking for utopia.  Of course it would be nice if we all got along and no violence ever occurred but a normal human knows that violence is with us and has been with us in our long history.  The removal of guns from society does not quell violence but it does increase the chances for oppression. 

I am disgusted by some in the press who are blatantly exploiting a tragedy to achieve political ends.  Utopia is not achievable no matter what these people say.  The immediate solution to the problem of school safety is to arm school personnel and station an armed guard at every school.  This should be done immediately in order to prevent a copycat.  Hire returning veterans for these jobs.  Canvass school personnel for hidden carry cardholders for an immediate preventative measure.  Act fast and act now while the anti gun people threaten law abiding citizens with an ammunition squeeze and increased regulation.  I view our responsible gun owners as a valuable public resource, not a threat.