Sunday, May 19, 2013

IRS Abuse of Power and Obama Care

A truly chilling thought that the IRS is being used as a political tool, designed to harass and tax opponents.  Using taxes to harass those who disagree with you is reprehensible and shows a disregard for civil rights and being treated fairly in the marketplace by the government.  Search words are nice but politically slanted searches for potential targets for investigation or stalling of tax exempt status is social dynamite that undermines the government. I see stratification forming, based on control of tax decisions.  I never voted for any of these people who are taking so much power. 

Abuse of power by the IRS does not inspire confidence in the implementation of Obamacare and guarantees favoritism in 'exemptions' and other perks.  I think that using the IRS to 'collect' Obama care financial requirements is going to throw every incumbent who voted for it out of office.  It's ridiculous and un-American  to give an organization like the IRS power over the citizenry.  Head of the IRS is not even an elective office and they have the power to tax.  It's disgusting that the 'lawmakers' are exempt from the 'mandatory' Obamacare enrollment.  Why are they better than the rest of us?  We are developing a nasty little oligarchy based on the power to tax, voting themselves perks, benefits and exemptions from payments required of the people.  This looks like the destruction of my world as these greedy for money and power vote themselves higher than everybody else, thinking that the position will inspire respect instead of contempt.      

Now AG Holder feels justified in wiretapping the press in order to find a 'leak' that was actually internal.  Apparently he was after who received the information rather than who actually leaked it, which would have been an internal search of his own buddies.  So who is singing internally?  What was this 'secret' information?  AG Holder is acting like we would all be smithereens if he hadn't wiretapped the press.  And he actually expects people to believe him, even after Fast and Furious.   

Remember the ATF Fast and Furious gun scam providing cartels with high powered weapons against federal laws and the laws of the state of Arizona?  AG Holder protected those eventually labeled semi complicit in setting up Fast and Furious and did nothing until Mr. Issa issued a Contempt of Congress citation.  The Fast and Furious gunrunning resulted in the deaths of many, including a border patrol agent who was ambushed with one of the weapons.  Doesn't do much to inspire confidence. 

Now Mayor Bloomberg is allegedly using wall street terminals to snoop on clients and anybody else who uses the service, including the White House. This was evidently lucrative data sifting based on thought to be private data.  Possibly each data mine should share in the profits generated by the data.  Did they break privacy laws?  How did they get the data?  A hacker program?  Did Bloomberg get rich doing this?  I know that sweeping it under the rug is becoming cumbersome, since that rug has become a mountain of hypocrisy, elitism and vicious control by any means of the populace in all aspects of their lives.  Bloomberg does not respect privacy rights or any of the Bill of Rights.   

Like the Second Amendment rights Bloomberg wants to trample on.  I wonder what he thought about the 75,000 people who showed up for the NRA convention in Texas?  Was a representative of the government there taking names for potential IRS targets?  The hue and cry to destroy second amendment rights does not inspire confidence in the government, particularly in the throes of another scandal concerning abuse of government power.  We don't need more restrictions on firearms.  We need a government who is part of the law, not above it.  The lawless Boston bombers proved one thing about firearms.   I bet those people in Boston who had firearms felt more secure than the helpless hunkering in their houses.

The Bill of Rights was needed in order to ratify the Constitution because all agreed that our rights should be defined, in order to protect and guarantee our rights.  A lawless government based on raw power is not my government.  I saw vote out every politician who does not vote to halt Obamacare until the ramifications of the system are understood and the exemptions from it are nil.  Perhaps the lawmakers will bother to read the bill if it is actually applied to themselves.