Friday, February 24, 2012


The recent runup in gasoline prices to $3.15 wholesale as of 24 February 2012 and the ongoing predictions of further price hikes do not bode well for this feeble economic 'recovery'. If the price of fuel continues to rise, recovery will metamorphose into recession or depression, depending on how strict the definition used.

It appears that warmongering against Iran has a price for United States consumers, as the price hike in fuel is attributed to the hassle. The WMD idea has reared its head again as an excuse for attacking Iran, because they have claimed the right to nuclear energy as a source of electricity for the population. I am in no position to claim that Iran is building a bomb or not, as I am not privy to classified information. Common sense will say that if someone is threatened, then they will take action in defense. One way threatening privileges is not a realistic goal, however.

So the sanctions against Iran went into effect and the world now pays more for fuel as a result. Warmongers on both sides have created another economic crisis for the world as this price hike will also raise food prices and production and delivery costs for everything, as the poor of the world pay for saber rattling and punishing. I actually heard a pundit rejoicing that the Iranian people are suffering due to the economic embargo, like they deserved to be punished for the actions of their leaders who refuse to back down over the nuclear issue. Insensitivity is where hate comes from on both sides. I heard the average Iranian makes $400 a month.

I even heard on TV that the Greek 'crisis' must be paid for with higher energy prices for all, since major oil producers contributed to the bailout fund and they expect to be paid back. Why is Goldman Sachs so into the Greek financial thing? Why not tap the USA for that money just in time for Memorial Day and the summer vacation season?

So is the warmongering worth it? Has anything been accomplished? Is the drain on the USA economy due to higher fuel prices worth what has been gained? Do the people of the USA really want the common people in Iran to suffer? I don't think so. This media manufactured crisis is demanding war when serious diplomacy is always the answer. I'm tired of the press and foreign nations choosing diplomatic issues for our government. I'm tired of the expense of war. This verbal war over nuclear energy in Iran is costing every citizen money every time they fill their gas tank.

It's not worth it. Settle the hassle some other way.