Friday, July 11, 2008

Regional Transportation Authority Expenditures

Do You Think They're Taking Our Picture?

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is funding an extensive system of detection cameras in Tucson. This system is using $1,800,000 in RTA funds to install detection cameras at 34 intersections.

Since the RTA is using election tax money for detection cameras, then they should first have an election to OK this kind of funding change from roadwork. When I asked an official about funding more public transportation projects, I was told that they would have to go to the voters to make such a change in the funding formula.

A related issue is the need for public transportation expansion, rather than the construction of new roads. Bus ridership is up, gasoline prices are up and nationwide, personal vehicle use dropped over the 2008 4th of July holiday. The city and county need more bus service but the RTA is locked into expensive new road projects we no longer need?

I lack faith in the decisions made by the RTA leadership. Their motivations appear to lack interest in the very real needs of the people in these inflationary times. We don’t need detection cameras and new roads. We need sunshades and benches at all bus stops, bus terminals at the malls and medical centers and an expanded transportation system.