Monday, November 12, 2007


What the Israelis Should Have

An amicable relationship with neighbors instead of buying into another scenario that is impractical for the circumstances. Recognizing the antiquity of the Semitic language and the membership of said groups Palestinians, Jew and other related, there must be made a place for the Jews and their brethren the Palestinians on the basis of pure antiquity and mutual respect for their respective survival groups.

The bombings and bulldozing and killing and colonizing must immediately halt. The flow of foodstuffs and utilities must resume with the understanding that their part must be paid for by them. Work or cash shall be the tender. Reparations for damages resulting from the creation of Israel cannot be ignored. Open economic opportunities like storefronts, services and guaranteed equal rights including the right to return to the land of Gilgamesh and Palestine. Equal rights to investment and land ownership must be fulfilled. The promise of Israel can not doom anyone, lest righteous failure loom.

It appears that Israel would benefit as a port for trade throughout the region, which would be across several nations to ports on the Caspian and goods from states bordering this sea. An oil pipeline to the Mediterranean from the Caspian would be an economic boom and provide employment. Negotiate a deal and invest in the region where you live and also benefit Europe trading partners. Toll roads and local businesses accessible along the routes: it is time to get going and face the reality of now. Negotiate deals and get started on commerce.

Revive the trade routes of yore for the most energy efficient travel. Revive the trade of horses from The Stans, the fabled goods of the past, oil, the riches of Caucasians brings Energy like horses for you to ride. Come they now as world leaders as the southern oil reserves are depleted? So resume the old trails and tolerate each other. It is up to the families to restrain those who would continue violence. Bombing a neighbor is self defeating.

Let those with vendettas be leached from power and allow the blessing of peace to emerge from the realization of the self perpetuating nature of this conflict. Call an economic summit and change the course of history. Offer investment deals and employment.

Questioning the legitimacy of Israel is necessary as is the response. To me, the formation of Israel came from the anguished times of World War II. Zionism is not a new idea, but has been used as an entitlement to lands claimed by ancient Semitic speaking inhabitants of the land who were soon refugees in surrounding nations, an unfortunate happenstance that should have been avoided in favor of a true Democracy, not an ethnic Democracy with preferred positions reserved for the privileged class. An unfair perception developed rapidly and wars ensued. Land claimed in war remains a war flashpoint, certainly not worth it.

Was the establishment of Israel legal? Was the establishment of Israel a moral issue after the carnage of World War II? Were the Palestinians harmed by the establishment of Israel? Are all peoples of the region suffering? Has the time come to call World War II over and done with?

Answering these questions will illuminate but not solve the real issues of today. The only courses of action that will solve the problems are the establishment of mutual respect, the cessation of all violence, and the establishment of commerce freely available to all.