Saturday, November 03, 2012


Politicians must deal with climate change and sea level rise.

TV pundits discuss why the presidential race has been quiet about the ramifications of climate change  on the future policy of this nation.   

I suggest the silence is due to a lack of thought on the subject, or perhaps a desire to avoid the issue until after the election in a few days.  Hurricane Sandy turned over all the stones on the subject and we must address the future.  Is climate change real is no longer the question.  the question now is How fast is this warming phenomena proceeding and how much time do we have to vacate the lowlands with minimal loss of life?  The displacement of humans from around the seacoasts is a huge task, will affect the price of local real estate and will see an end to local neighborhoods as the price of real estate escalates.  Politicians are avoiding this issue but no longer will be able to after this latest storm and sea level rise. 

Perhaps any settled insurance claims in the floodplain areas should give a bonus for vacating the land, upon which hurricane and flood insurance will not be available thereafter.  The nation cannot subsidize continued claims.  Individuals and businesses would be discouraged from purchase and use of the land.  The usable land area is shrinking along the shores.    

So how fast is the world warming?  Current models have predicted the pattern of more extreme weather events but have not predicted the actual rate of change, which could be accelerating.  Former models had assumed a slower rate of climate change.   In 1950, most assumed the climate was stable within a range.  In the Southwestern USA the warming and drying trend extends back over ten thousand years.  Within Grandpa Al's memory, the hills ran with water and ivy grew near pools and it was cooler up by Bisbee Arizona USA.   Pima County where the ancient city of Tucson is located is drier than what I remember it being back in 1950.  A case of arrested development unless waterless businesses can operate in the desert communities is what we face around here due to the drought.   Invest in golf courses, anyone?

Public policy must cope with the change and if humans are accelerating the process, then invest in research and development to invent the technology to make changes to save our civilization.  
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