Thursday, June 04, 2009

Womens Rights and Mandatory Insurance

Mr. President: I am pleased that you are an advocate of civil rights, including those of women. My mother was born before suffrage for women in the USA and I came to adulthood amid prejudice against women. I learned along the way to make my own choices, sometimes at odds with male dominated society. Forced choices do not freedom make.

In regards to insurance, I remember disliking Ms. Clinton because she would mandate I buy something, anything, but in this case it was insurance. As a free market advocate, the price fixing brought in by mandatory insurance is dangerous for the economy. As a parallel, possibly it would be decided that all must buy a car, with the prices set by the industry and the government. Let the assessments begin.

Government insurance? Go for it!
Private insurance? Let’s have it!
Mandatory insurance? Cancel it! Let the prices of health care fall to the housing levels. Use stimulus money to establish low cost clinics in neighborhoods.

A post boom-time pullback in expenditures per item. All sectors are influenced by the assumed derivative debt, not just housing. Propping up outlandish medical charges and huge outlays for malpractice insurance by mandating insurance while not allowing the direct pay preference is allowing a few to control huge sums of cash. Direct pay at a low cost in local conditions would free up all the cash held by insurance firms into the economy. Let the free market work.