Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The news stated that a most wanted man with a $25,000,000 price on his head is assassinated in Lebanon. Our state department spokesman issued a statement that justice had been done rather than choosing to say that our preference would have been to try him in a court of law, which was a significant choice on the part of our leadership.

A lawless attitude on the part of our state department does little to forward our expressed goal of Democracy. Condoning assassination is acting as judge, jury and executioner in one ill conceived comment. I would hope that our state department would adhere to the law. Public statements should reflect the rule of law.

Continued lawlessness on the parts of opposing forces will continue the conflict. If the expressed desire of an organization is endless war, lawlessness serves that purpose. President Bush should rein in the team at the state department lest the USA be identified as a rogue nation who touts but does not respect the rule of law.

We say we believe in due process, yet pronouncements belie what we do espouse for others.

On the other side, the instant threat of retaliation was no doubt made in grief for the assassinated man. Continued savagery does not promote the causes of peace and a happy life for citizens. It would behoove both sides to call for talks in recognition and respect for each other and religious tolerance. What has been done is now over and there could be a chance for peace if retaliation from either side does not occur. Bringing the perpetrators to a court of law can remain a goal.

What leaders among us are savages?