Friday, September 11, 2009

Campaign Statements Mean Nothing

Since our president has reneged on a campaign declaration against forcing citizens to buy insurance, it is necessary to oppose his position. Forcing citizens to buy anything would raise the price, since the supply is controlled by profit takers while the citizenry is mandated to buy. This sounds like slavery to me. You say we will have an array of choices, but none of these choices is a refusal to buy anything to save the money. If this ‘reform’ goes through, we lose our freedom of choice to buy or not to buy. We can merely choose among an array provided by the insurance companies and the government, because we all know that our politicians and insurance agents know much more about how we should spend our money. We have to spend our money on insurance, whether or not we want to. We are not allowed to save this money and use it for medical costs negotiated at a fair market value.

The free market will not function without freedom of choice on the part of the consumer.

Of course, I have not heard that all health care businesses must honor all these mandatory insurance ‘choices’ we will be so graciously allowed to pay for. Since we are posited to lose our freedom to chose whether to buy insurance or not, the health care businesses should not be allowed to turn away customers, no matter what insurance they have. These health care businesses should be forced to take whatever every insurance pays without charging the patient further costs. If our freedom to bring the medical profession to a fair market value is at an end, then their freedom to pick and choose among patients and insurance plans should be at an end.

Mandatory insurance of any kind is a cash cow for those controlling the insurance companies. The money they siphon off could be better spent on actual healthcare instead of for enriching executives and investors and politicians. What is going on here? These insurance parasites do not deserve the cover of legislation making it mandatory for us to buy what ever makes them the most profit.