Friday, October 29, 2010

Tucson Convention Center Renovation Ideas

The Convention Center Renovation

We are talking cosmetic changes at the beginning. Jobs to renovate the TCC can be created. TCC is a serviceable facility that has much to recommend it. We need projects that serve the needs of the community and that create local jobs.

Money? Is there any money at all? A $51,000,000 deficit on an adopted budget ? Should budgetary decisions be based on cutting costs to meet the budget? If so, then matching a retiring debt with a new debt that does not change payment amount in order to obtain money for jobs projects should instead go to cut the deficit.

Perhaps, but the train of thought will continue as if there were money. I would prefer to short contract pay as you go with no debt. Without the debt, maybe part of the $ could be used to retire other debt and a smaller amount would go to a fund. When that fund reaches the size required for a short term job, then hire! The improvements thereby would be on city property to city buildings by local contractors on an incremental basis.

Implementing an incremental hiring and renovation plan would require planning to meet the need to renovate TCC. After an outside tour of the TCC, I think that cosmetic renovations are needed. Maybe TCC isn't as large as some but artistic quality, ambiance etc will attract clients. If the rent prices were lowered, then possibly more acts, attractions would be able to come here. We need lower rent prices and a better looking structure.

The grounds of TCC are really nice, beautiful plants and nice brickwork. It's like a park. The grounds are a plus for the entire set of structures. Tourists love the flora.

• The structure has a nice brick facade but the older metal and glass additions could be refurbished or replaced.

• Doors need refurbishing.

• brick needs sandblasting

• cement walks need sandblasting and resurfacing. Tile would be nice but expensive.

• new light fixtures and electronic signs

• The tunnel is quite unattractive: how about bright tile mosaics or murals and better lighting? The tunnel is nice in summer. Good open air snack cart area. It seems like something really good could be made out of the tunnel. How about scenes from Arizona history done in mosaic all along the walls? There might be an art grant out there somewhere to help pay for it. Local artists make it more valuable as a tourist attraction.

• The west side is horrid, except for the plants. This definitely needs reassessment and redoing. Paint, stucco, anything. Is this what people see when they walk to the back lots? All that area could be turned into breakout rooms and the maintenance crew could be quartered in a steel building somewhere else.

• The chain link corral and chairs stacked against the walls don't do much for the decor. Ratty chairs look like a yard sale.

• The TCC could be a showcase for local art if murals are put on some of the walls. I'd love to see more sculptures by local artists on the grounds.

• The new addition is ugly. Why didn't they match the TCC when they designed it? It looks like a cheap skirt tacked over levis.

• We were over there on a Thursday. the escalators were grinding away and icy air conditioning even though it was 85 outside. Expensive choices. What is the utility bill over there?

• Solar power additions. I don't know what the roofs look like but that would be a good place for liteweight units if it's feasible.

• I have been told that the TCC needs new electronics.

These are just a few ideas from walking around the main TCC.

I like architecture and buildings. The TCC could be a showcase for local art. Jobs refurbishing the structure could be created. The ratty chairs could be reupholstered by locals, rather than replaced by chairs made in China. A good cleaning would help. The place looks like maintenance has been deferred. How much money was spent on maintenance at the TCC?