Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obamacare Insurance Debacle'

Having been buried in academia since the Paleoamerican Odyssey conference in Santa Fe 2013, I surfaced from the sea of anthropological data and constructing my Timeline to look around at the political scene. 

The ‘Obamacare Insurance Debacle’ amounts to a raid on the available cash of the middle class economic brackets and the growth of the power of the insurance companies that will surpasse the Federal government that enabled it.  The all bets are off freeforall that is occurring is not benefitting the consumer because of the ‘mandate’ to buy.  Insurance is once again confused with health care.  Huge deductibles and copays prevent people from obtaining actual health care while they are ‘insured’, which looks good on paper but is actually twaddle.  

Now the IRS is forcing more revenue out of people, having obtained the power to tax the ‘uninsured’ and I do believe that this amount is scheduled to increase.  The Supreme Court ruled the Obamacare tax fine to be a tax.  Is there a guarantee that this tax will be spent on healthcare or is the $ up for grabs by powerful politicians? So the Democrats rammed through a massive tax increase and screwed up the health insurance setups and took away our rights to choose.  The rich got richer and the poor are now poorer thanks to the Democrats.  I think it’s time for a change to Republican leadership who would restore our right to choose whether to buy any insurance or not, conforming to free market principles that would bring the price down.  It’s un-American to be forced to buy something from anyone, private enterprise or the government.  The exorbitant price gouging on the part of the insurance companies would definitely cease. 

As for the chronically ill, they should expect to pay more for insurance because they use the service more.  Payment schedules can be worked out which are fair, without putting undue burden on the healthy.  Insurance should be available to them, but they should have to pay for it.  The same goes for drug addicts.  Why should non drug abusers be forced to pay for coverage of drug addiction?  We have lost our ability to pick and choose what plan is right for us.   Pregnancy coverage should be available for those women in breeding mode but why should the rest of us pay for it if we don’t want the coverage?  Pregnancy prevention should be cheap and available and not subject to religious rants about the evils of birth control.  Job creation is not even keeping up with population growth and it seems a good economic move to slow the population growth. 

It appears that the heavily subsidized are the few that are signing up for Obamacare.   I heard an intelligent man on TV saying that the existing Medicaid could have been expanded to cover these people with far less expense and manipulation of tax money.  Or how about sending funds directly to the institutions that treat these indigent people and skip all those insurance middlemen and bureaucrats?

Obamacare is not about health care:  Obamacare is about a huge money grab, a loss of rights for the individual and higher taxes for the middle class.