Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wajiristan Earthquake

Wajiristan earthquake
Portent of future displeasure
2012 AD/BC observable
Synchronous cycles days coincide
Endings and beginnings

Some try to protect a way of life
From change an impossible task
Cannot freeze time
We have no volition in that
Then come the choices

If your heritage is omitted
All are not known
But all are respected
As a choice
Those contributed and succeeded in survival

Tasmanian, Austrailian, Basque, Celt, Jew, Armenian, Pygmies, Persian,
Saami, Tamil, Olmec, Han, Mongols, Shinto, Sikkhs, Hindi, Egypt, Maya, Nazcan, Greece, Buddha, Rome, Teotihuacan
Christ and Mohammed
May we all celebrate and respect heritage

Let no man slay
For the reason of difference
Shame for humans to kill humans
When the relentless environment
Could not as their descendents live today.

As time and environment is in flux
So must be these systems
Time is frozen in memory only
Our lives are not so isolated
As when these belief systems began

Blame time if you are disappointed
Blame not the innocent
Blame the mists of time when chadars
Protected desert women from sun and disease
And males walked with women for safety

Relativism versus moral certainty
Basic right and wrong are known to all
Just excusing those different from the definition
To some all means only those resembling themselves
Is a severely rigid viewpoint

Competition for resources
Disguised as religious persecution
Ethnic hatred and competitive fear
This must be resolved
With land and resources already scarce.

Dorothy Prater Niemi 2009