Friday, September 12, 2014

Preface to A New Timeline

A New Timeline   

Short Introduction

I was born and raised in Tucson Arizona USA, in the heart of El Gran Desierto that spans the present nations of the United States of America and Mexico.  Archaeological ruins abound in that area and my family enjoyed scouting out rock art and pottery strewn sites of the Hohokam and maybe Salado.  Those experiences plus weekly trips to the library where some long forgotten librarians had created a dreamland in history that allowed me to feed a lifelong interest.  I thank to this day whomever it was over there at the library who loved history and passed it on to the citizens of Tucson. 

Receiving a classical education based on Greco-Roman and Anglo thought and achievement, I was taught European and American history and a survey of world history as it was known at that time.  We had Columbus Day off and learned to recite the Columbus poem, never doubting he was the first European to visit the Americas, even though Leif Erickson remained a possibility due to the Norse lobby who maybe could smite with Thor’s Hammer. 

I will say those people who taught history were sometimes wrong about what happened and the further back in time, the greater the error, which tended to compound itself.  I am always amazed by the certainty of historical dogma, which has produced way too many strictures on the examination of knowledge and alternate theories.

I like alternatives, variables, and choices.  The more ways to interpret data, the better.  Data interpretation is not an ego exercise or an artistic exercise but is a factual exercise.  Defending one’s theory is one thing, but suppression of alternative theories is another.  Our world is in a data flux right now, and interpretive data creation is hugely important.  Everybody needs free access to all the historical data and everybody needs to refrain from crowing about other’s mistakes in order for data sharing to proceed.  New data brings new determinations.  Ego need not apply.   

I like Wikipedia and I thank them for all the data, which is so useful in the area of human genetics and so many other areas.  Please donate to their cause.   I love the internet and all the data out there.  That’s what my Timeline is, a small compendium of data as of 2014 AD, the Zodiac Ages, the Maya Long Count, the Melancovich Cycle, Historical data, impact events and climate and sea level trends through a history reaching 3,000,000 BP to the present, with emphasis on the genetic proliferation of Homo from 500,000 BP and the indicators of extremely ancient civilizations previously thought to be mythology.  Electronic publishing is wonderful, because of the opportunities to revise as new data adds to our understanding.  If incomplete data led to a fallacious conclusion, then correct it immediately.  I’m not one to defend the indefensible. 

Dating methods are crucial.  Carbon 14 is possibly not as accurate as portrayed, since factors other than deposition must be considered when judging the accuracy of C 14 dating.  Artificial nuclear explosions deposit C14 as does the sun during certain conditions.   

I also thank the astute authors and players in their TV shows like Ancient Aliens and Decoded and America Unearthed for their interesting interpretations and presentations.  Using their shows for leads, I was able to research topics I didn’t even know existed, like the Ica Stones and Father Crespi and the obvious Inca structures atop far earlier megalithic structures.  I look forward to their shows!  They could be right about aliens landing on Earth but I believe there existed in the misty past, a grand human  civilization that was destroyed at the end of the Pleistocene.  This civilization had settlements in many different parts of the world or locally developed civilizations had hooked up, like ours today.  I do believe that rising sea levels combined with a monster bolide just eliminated it, leaving only tattered remnants of humanity to recreate what they had lost, which remained in mythology and religious compilations.  I thank George Dodwell for documenting an aberration in the ecliptic that coincides with a bolide hit and the drying of the Sahara and Levant and the subsequent fall of nations.  I thank Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, who produced Uriel’s Machine, a comprehensive explanation of the meaning of megaliths and their observatories.  The work of these men contains religious musings, which does not disarm the actual data.  I just concentrate on the facts.      

Rising sea levels and bolide hits and climate change and Antarctica freezing over and now it’s melting again!  We live in flux and cataclysmic possibilities and I think it’s time we guarded our planet with early warning defense systems.  All nations should cooperate and see if we can avert being hit yet again by bolides.  The fall of some human civilizations is inexorably linked to bolide hits…..