Monday, July 20, 2009


Musings on the Kindle

Wonderful feature is the instant download of emergency book supplies and the readable format. I can read faster on the Kindle and find it light and easy to handle.

A download containing charts and graphs had good text quality but the figures were unreadable. This book is formatted for print media. An alternative would be to autoformat the charts into a larger font size. Formatting for Kindle would contain the chart or graph on one frame along with the caption, in a readable font size.

Learning from experience formatting for the Kindle, I came up with the following formula to produce a readable product:

For e-mail or Kindle format

Set line spacing at 1.5

Under Format:
Paragraph Paragraph spacing set at Before=12 or 6, check sample
Set line spacing at 1.5
General Alignment Left, Outline level Body Text

This will produce a readable copy for Kindle, with 1.5 line spacing and more than that between unindented paragraphs