Friday, October 21, 2016


Election 2016

Thinking back on the beginning of the election cycle for President, I see predefined correctness imposed on a gullible grassroots populace via the ‘TV stream’ news being shattered by Donald Trump.  Mr. Trump has been known and liked for a long time in our society, which the TV stream media immediately used to garner ratings and money for themselves. 

Playing themselves for fools, the TV stream media took advantage of Mr. Trump’s ratings while mostly plotting to benefit Hillary Clinton behind the scenes, like slipping her the questions in advance, asking for her approval on ‘news’ pieces, which turned them into vicious journalistic hacks masquerading as decent journalists searching for the truth to present to the people dependent upon them to do that job. 

Chris Wallace is by far and away the best Journalist to anchor a presidential debate.  He went into the experience with a good reputation that is now enhanced.  He was fair; not perfect, but fair.  I thank him and I appreciate the honest approach. 

I follow the TV stream news and the internet news and the Facebook news and the disparities in the polls are such that nobody really knows for sure but Mr. Trump is way ahead on social media and the internet, but behind in TV stream media.  Crowd size is another issue, with Mr. Trump drawing thousands while his opponent draws hundreds.  Mike Pence drew more than Bill Clinton in our town, to give you an idea.  Crowd size is an issue ignored by the TV stream media.  I have heard them dismiss crowd size as an indicator of anything, but of course we know better. 

Social Media News and Internet News allow the grassroots to bypass TV Media News in favor of self-searches, internet alerts, phone aps, and other shortcuts to data exemplified in our new electronic society.  Thanks to our teachers, our population is literate and have been taught to think for themselves, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary.  I know young professionals who unsubscribed to TV media due to a lack of interest or a desire not to fund blatant bias disguised as news.  People are no longer gullible.

The final presidential debate proved several things:  Ms. Clinton lied at least 7 times during the debate, evaded pointed questions about Bill Clinton, talked over Mr. Trump when he was discussing the Clinton Foundation, took a jab at Mr. Trump about taxes when he has broken no tax law, and slandered Mr. Trump’s character.  She sets herself up as an authority on who is ‘qualified’ to be President, without taking responsibility for her errors and possible illegalities and high payment requirements for her pay to play schemes.  Money from corrupt dictators becomes clean and fresh in the hands of the Clinton Foundation!  I felt she was defensive, nervous and showed it by repeatedly smirking at Mr. Trump’s answers, which was condescending and rude. 

So now we are heading down the homestretch in a contest between a Jack of all trades billionaire businessman builder and a career politician wife of a former president who has ‘connections’.  The biased members of the media are part of her connections, as is the Clinton Foundation, the FBI, the State Department and the DOJ and the presidency and the Moroccan King, apparently.  She just wants to continue everything as it is now, so many of these people are backing her.  All this coziness has not produced success in the Middle East arena, nor has the economy picked up, and the labor participation rate stands at about 63%.  That means that 37% of able bodied people of working age are not working.  Obamacare is a failure and Mr. Trump wants to replace it with free market insurance and affordable healthcare opportunities.  His opponent apparently wants to socialize medicine, require payment through income tax, force medical personnel to accept pay cuts, and take over the hospitals and make it all like the VA while taking a large percentage of your income to do so. 

The craziness continues the more I learn about Ms. Clinton.  Foreign policy based on who donated to her foundation was not a success.  The Haiti debacle took advantage of the poorest people to line the Clinton’s foundations coffers.  The King of Morocco bought an audience with Queen Hillary for $12,000,000.  Qatar gives Billy Boy a million for his birthday.  Saudi Arabia gets fighter jets and donates to the Clinton Foundation.  What happened to the stinger missiles in Libya?  Where did the missing billions from the State Department go during Ms. Clinton’s tenure there?  Who donated to the Clintons in Canada and why is it secret?  Why did Ms. Clinton say she wants to assassinate Julian Assange of Wikileaks?  Mr. Kennedy was asking the FBI to enable him to hide Ms. Clinton’s emails in return for FBI jobs overseas.   There are more and more serious questions every day. 

Donald Trump has weathered the Clinton Machine and has defeated opposition within the Republicans that has persisted in the old entrenched interests and among disgruntled losers.  Of course he is not perfect, yet his values resonate with the grassroots voters and he understands how the economy can be revitalized.  He also has a clear vision for the Supreme Court that will maintain our Bill of Rights.  Mr. Trump believes in free enterprise and lower taxes and less regulation. 

I am a Populist and I admire the groundswell of voters supporting Mr. Trump.  His showing in the Primaries was amazing as Mr. Trump, from a standing start, defeated all those other candidates, including the favored of the ‘establishment’ who spent millions and still lost.  This proved that money was not the deciding factor.  The restlessness of the voters became evident as Mr. Trump won.  What was the deciding factor? 

Radical Islamic terrorism and immigration is an issue people will not ignore and Mr. Trump is very conservative on this important issue.  Military security and preparedness is important to citizens.  Getting rid of Obamacare and Common Core are key issues on the domestic front.  Intense regulation and taxation of small businesses has strangled the economy….I have listened to Mr. Trump discuss the problems of the nation and he is expert in recognizing solutions to problems like fixing the tax code and encouraging stateside investment in real projects.

Mike Pence is a huge asset to the Donald Trump campaign.  He bested his opponent in the vice presidential debate and has maintain a steady, dependable presence in this presidential race.  Gov. Pence is a good example of the kind of people Donald Trump will choose to fill his cabinet.  Some people know how to delegate important jobs and Donald Trump is one of them.  His opponent merely chooses whomever benefits herself the most and gives them the job.  Or they could donate to her campaign or to her foundation to get an advantage, rather than relying on resumes and excellence.  That’s why her foreign policy was an abject failure.  She has surrounded herself with self-serving sycophants. 

Looking down through the campaign, I see huge success for Donald Trump, not because he is a perfect man, but because he is right.        –DP Niemi