Thursday, May 26, 2011

Border Issues

Analysis of the few days from Penasco to Tucson after a nice vacation.

The economy of Rocky Point is suffering due to the lack of tourism from the USA. It's a beautiful resort with fine seafood and reasonable accommodations. We stayed at La Roca, where Al Capone liked to vacation, safe behind rock walls. We saw many Mexican tourists but few from the USA. It seems to me that it would be beneficial to have a citizen presence there.

We used to have the freedom to cross the border without writing to our government first, but now that hassle and expense discourages economic activity along the border. Nogales, Arizona used to have more shops and trade. Nogales, Sonora has decreased USA economic activity. Remember, we import excellent food from Mexico. Railroad traffic should be increased but so should the local border traffic. I don't know why some of that money spent on the Border Patrol loungers and cruisers sixty miles from the border can't be used to expedite the border crossings at the Nogales Port of Entry. Shift the funds and personnel to the actual border to facilitate local economic activity.