Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obamacare Insurance Debacle'

Having been buried in academia since the Paleoamerican Odyssey conference in Santa Fe 2013, I surfaced from the sea of anthropological data and constructing my Timeline to look around at the political scene. 

The ‘Obamacare Insurance Debacle’ amounts to a raid on the available cash of the middle class economic brackets and the growth of the power of the insurance companies that will surpasse the Federal government that enabled it.  The all bets are off freeforall that is occurring is not benefitting the consumer because of the ‘mandate’ to buy.  Insurance is once again confused with health care.  Huge deductibles and copays prevent people from obtaining actual health care while they are ‘insured’, which looks good on paper but is actually twaddle.  

Now the IRS is forcing more revenue out of people, having obtained the power to tax the ‘uninsured’ and I do believe that this amount is scheduled to increase.  The Supreme Court ruled the Obamacare tax fine to be a tax.  Is there a guarantee that this tax will be spent on healthcare or is the $ up for grabs by powerful politicians? So the Democrats rammed through a massive tax increase and screwed up the health insurance setups and took away our rights to choose.  The rich got richer and the poor are now poorer thanks to the Democrats.  I think it’s time for a change to Republican leadership who would restore our right to choose whether to buy any insurance or not, conforming to free market principles that would bring the price down.  It’s un-American to be forced to buy something from anyone, private enterprise or the government.  The exorbitant price gouging on the part of the insurance companies would definitely cease. 

As for the chronically ill, they should expect to pay more for insurance because they use the service more.  Payment schedules can be worked out which are fair, without putting undue burden on the healthy.  Insurance should be available to them, but they should have to pay for it.  The same goes for drug addicts.  Why should non drug abusers be forced to pay for coverage of drug addiction?  We have lost our ability to pick and choose what plan is right for us.   Pregnancy coverage should be available for those women in breeding mode but why should the rest of us pay for it if we don’t want the coverage?  Pregnancy prevention should be cheap and available and not subject to religious rants about the evils of birth control.  Job creation is not even keeping up with population growth and it seems a good economic move to slow the population growth. 

It appears that the heavily subsidized are the few that are signing up for Obamacare.   I heard an intelligent man on TV saying that the existing Medicaid could have been expanded to cover these people with far less expense and manipulation of tax money.  Or how about sending funds directly to the institutions that treat these indigent people and skip all those insurance middlemen and bureaucrats?

Obamacare is not about health care:  Obamacare is about a huge money grab, a loss of rights for the individual and higher taxes for the middle class.



Sunday, September 15, 2013

Syria and the Putin Connection

Syria and the Putin Connection

The dictator of Syria has a grassroots challenge to his authority and income.  He responds with death to anyone who supports the opposition.  War between the two sides ensues.  The dictator of Syria is losing control of areas important to his authority and income and so he responds with poison gas. 

President Obama has said that the use of ‘chemical weapons’ is a red line in the sand, which is a colloquialism for “a point beyond which such behavior will not be tolerated”.  The UN team determined that sarin gas had been used on the victims and the dictator of Syria is the one who had the means to deliver the canisters to the target. 

Even before the UN team investigated, Sen. McCain was calling for the bombing of Syria, with Sen. L. Graham on a leash behind him yapping for the same thing.  The press picked the ‘red line in the sand’ story to headline the news for weeks now, calling for bombing Syria and some of the most vociferous are calling for bombing of Iran, Hezbollah, and anybody else living and breathing over there.  

A press harried President Obama calls for bombing Syria, then asks for congressional support for his position, which was a wise move that averted the new war McCain and so many members of the press were slavering for.  I saw commentators who probably get out of breath walking to their cars ranting for our best young men and women to be sent to another war.  President Obama is criticized by the press for asking for congressional approval for military action in Syria, many of the same press who criticized President Bush for doing just that.  So many of the press are war mongering about Syria, I wonder why past massacres of people in Africa received no press attention….

So warships converge on the Eastern Mediterranean and other areas, all in anticipation of a showdown over bombing Syria, a crisis manufactured by President Obama and the press manipulating national policy.  Fortunately, President Putin of Russia has the common sense to defuse all this war talk and to work towards a diplomatic solution to the enforcement of a ban of chemical weapons.  As a trading partner with Syria, President Putin has leverage over what power the dictator of Syria actually has over the future of his nation.  Assad is free to make his own decisions and any member of the press who reports that Assad is Putin’s boy is lying.   Assad is totally responsible for his own decisions, including the use of poison gas.  I suspect that President Putin does not want the use of poison gas anywhere in the world, including Syria as a means to prop up a failing regime.  I applaud Vladimir Putin’s common sense in defusing this phony crisis. 

President Obama is shown to be inexperienced for creating crisis situations with loose comments and threats.  Yes, threats!  Drawing a red line in the sand is an offer to fight, just like on the playground where one kid draws a line in the dirt and dares another kid to cross it.  He is also foolish to respond so much to goadings from the press and he allocates too much power to the war mongering press.  Certainly, the images of gassed people were horrible, but the response to the atrocities should not be more death of innocents, inevitable if Syria is bombed.  A diplomatic response is preferable, and I hope that President Putin’s offer to mediate is successful.  Too many people have died. 

The sector of the war mongering press has been forced to publish surveys of the American people, who do not want a war solution to the violation of the chemical weapons ban by the Syrian government.  Congress is suddenly aware that the majority of their constituency does not want more military involvement in the Middle East.  The time for peace is nigh. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Corruption in Public Life

Corruption is an issue.  By corruption, I mean the subversion of the goals of Democracy  and Republicanism to preserve the freedoms and not inhibit the economy, without allowing the capitalists to damage the world in a blind pursuit of profit at any cost.  The mission is perpetuation and sustainability of our economy and thus our way of life, while assisting those in need.  This mission is the primary mission and the long term planning required is ongoing and intense.   So far as we can plan without the intervention of unforeseen events.....

The necessity of flexibility is seen as a survival tactic in politics and biology due to the unpredictable sequences of events that do appear, given the  histories of the worlds.  For a political system to be so encumbered with debt that flexibility in response to changing conditions is limited the system will eventually dissolve as it struggles with reality.  It's like the wave of revolutions that swept across the nations the past few years.  The finding of the future successful path is difficult, as some seek it through religion and others seek it through politics and economics.  A unified approach based on the secular Golden Rule would be enough to bring peace, but some of the world persists in the dark behavior that appeared after the great flood as the prior civilizations disappeared, leaving tattered bands of desperate humans to rebuild civilization.  The great religions of today appeared during these times, all proving to be a successful method of survival, all passionately defended by their believers.  Judging from the number of wars occurring today, the survival value of such behavior is questionable. 

My issue today is corruption, which brought down the Roman Empire and the Greeks who would kill Socrates, and other nations corrupted by prejudice and greed like Hitler's Germany, and some of the other bloody dictators of the 20th century.  The weakness of the Romanovs, the ravages of Stalin, the senseless wars over property and water rights.  Corruption caused the downfall of many and the deaths of many. 

Right now a huge issue is the IRS scandal, where they were targeting non-profit political adversaries of the administration, even narrowing it down to those without lawyers in order to shut them down.  This is damaging to the credibility of the government, particularly at a time when the IRS is planned to be used to collect for Obama Care, which is certainly a new tax on the populace.  So now taxes are political?  The health care charges will be administered politically?  That's like the local supervisor getting tax break on her property, one not available to others.  This is serious corruption.  This is      

I mentioned prior civilizations that were destroyed.  Evidence is mounting that about 11,650 BP, a comet or asteroid hit the Earth, which caused a tsunami that caused a permanent sea level rise as the ice age was ending, which was about the time of the disappearance of Atlantis, according to Plato.  A comet hit the Earth around 6,000 BP and the island of Thera exploded about 4000 BP, all of which were devastating to the world. 

The world has changed.  The sea levels have been rising for 18,000 years and have suddenly risen more in the last few decades, a phenomena labeled global warming.  Whether this acceleration in polar ice cap melting is human caused or not is a topic of discussion with little action taken either way.  I guess we will learn if this is non adaptive behavior or not.  The configuration of land was vastly different 18,000 years ago, with shallow equatorial seas extending across the oceans, forming land bridges and island chains in places that are now submerged under 450 feet of ocean water.  Millions of acres of land was once habitable but is now submerged like Krishna's city and Atlantis and Yonaguchi.  Those civilizations had 35,000 years in which to develop.  Are we going to last that long? 

I recently read a book, Uriel's Machine, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, an impressive 466 pages long and indexed.  Uriel's Machine posits the idea that the early writings in our current civilizations were an attempt by survivors of the flood to educate the people in the celestial arts in order to perpetuate the knowledge necessary for successful agriculture.  The megalithic culture of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa built observatories like Stonehenge at strategic points, all evidence of an earlier, high civilization that existed before the end of the last ice age about 12,000 years ago.  This is an interesting theory that is backed up by interpretations of ancient documents and scientific evidence.  Other interpretations are possible, but I lean towards reading ancient writings as fact embellished by the telling.  The Megalithic Culture HAD to be of long term duration, if the celestial knowledge demonstrated by the  observatories were of human origin. 

Other writers think the pyramids at Giza are far older than previously thought and that they demonstrate a technical use rather than a religious use.  Perhaps during the last warm period 60,000 years ago, a civilization developed as is ours in the temperate zones, but died out as glaciers covered the land and obliterated most of the remains some 25,000 years ago.   Is monumental architecture featuring huge blocks of precisely cut stone standing on Holocene sands?

What does this have to do with corruption in public life?  The Holocene Civilization endured until natural disasters overcame it, submerging it beneath the seas all over the world, and leaving little trace in the 'temperate' areas of the world.  Maybe Krishna fled to the Andes bringing his harem of mtdna haplotype B with him or the distribution pattern of haplotype B indicates it could have spread from the Andes to Asia.  Evidence at Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku and other Andean sites indicates a prior civilization to the Incas and others now living there.  Whatever it was that took them out, it probably was not something they had control over. 

The Judeo Christian Bible blames sin on the deluge and the destruction of civilization to be rebuilt by the chosen ones but the real reason for the deluge was a strike from outer space.  Now the Megalithic builders knew how to sight in something approaching the Earth on a collision course and the Book of Enoch described a comet or meteorite hit that rained burning rocks down on everybody and made the sea crazy and killed many.  Again, they had no control over it even though they could see it coming. 

Now if we can get by all the corruption and declare the Golden Rule the law of the land and stop killing each other in the name of religion, maybe we can begin to take care of our planet.  All nations should allot money and personnel to set up an early warning system to detect asteroids and comets on a collision course with Earth.  Set up a means to deflect or destroy threatening astral bodies headed our way.  The issue of corruption in public life remains, as the mission of governments should be perpetuation and sustainability of the economies, while assisting those in need.  At this time, the whole world is in need of protection from preventable natural disasters like asteroid and comet strikes and if corruption gets in the way of achieving these goals, then it's time for a change.     

The secular Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Responsible Capitalism II

                                    Partial Solar Eclipse      Arizona

All governments do make work projects.  In ancient times, the use of surpluses created more population, which then must be employed creating, building, inventing, philosophizing....  What are our current make work projects?  I view a good make work project as one that has a chance to create something new, like the USA government funded research into computer technology after World War II, which with the help of world scientists has developed into our electronic communications and data storage and manipulation systems.  Wow!  What a return! 

Our government has built dams, bridges and highways, that benefitted agriculture and the growth of cities, a real boon for people and was money well spent that generated tax income and provided a living for people.  This was money well spent in the past but much of this infrastructure needs to be maintained, rather than expanded.  We need new make work projects. 

I see now that money could be used for military purposes in outer space.  We need a world militia out there, not a continuation of the hassling on Earth.  Why can't the world's military organizations contribute manpower and money to create an early warning system for asteroids and other dangers out there?  This early warning service cannot be religiousized or politicized or controlled by any other desire excepting that of to save the planet from another cataclysmic hit.  WE NEED TO COOPERATE.   

We need a world militia in outer space.  We need to establish world military outposts in orbit around Earth and on the Moon and on Mars.  Perhaps sensors could be located in orbit around Venus and in strategic places around the sun.  We are more naive than Aztecs waving hi to Cortez as he landed.  We need to protect ourselves. 

Maybe a lack of cooperation among groups will force a stronger economy to shoulder the burden of creating an early warning system, but a lack of total world cooperation will create problems for this project.  Sectarianism could cause failure of an important survival oriented initiative.  Can we quit fighting long enough to save our world?   

To counteract abuses of tax money spending, it is necessary to make sure that the voters retain the right to OK any debt incurrence, which would outlaw 'certificates of participation' that are nothing less than debt.  Gradually, the right of the voters to retain control over government indebtedness has been leached away here in Arizona, where debt remains supreme.  I think more debt has to meet some stringent criteria that would include solvency as number one.  Voting to 'raise the debt limit' on a Federal level is disgusting and a violation of the constitution.  The purpose of legislation is not to skip ahead of the law in a quasi legal runup of debt.  If the voter loses control of government debt, tyranny follows.   

Here in Arizona we have gigantic storm drains in a tiny town that has rain maybe every five years if at all.  The government sponsored union contract cost taxpayers $35 million on a dead end project that is not functional and that generates no income, but did give union construction jobs for a few months.  We cannot afford this kind of spending.  Here in Tucson, city politicians orchestrated the squandering of $230 million in tax money on expensive trips, architectural plans that were never built, and extended site preparation where nothing stands today.  This $230 million was supposed to fund projects that would attract people to the old town area.  Instead, a few self appointed elites skimmed off the money and now are raising parking rates downtown to raise more money. 

This is irresponsible government and certainly irresponsible capitalism, where the government forces taxes from the citizens and then squanders the money instead of returning it to the people in civic improvements.  It doesn't amuse me that big shots took free trips to Italy on taxpayer expense.  Now it's time to move on, they say.  Just forget we stole and got away with $230 million for them and their friends.  This is irresponsible because it causes a distrust of government and wastes precious resources.

To avoid decadence, we must maintain the infrastructure.  Tearing out good infrastructure to put in new is a waste of resources and that union tactic must be avoided.  Something that is hopelessly obsolete must be replaced.  Building more roads is counterproductive when you have enough.  It's time for the USA to recognize the limits to roadbuilding, as the Europeans have ages ago.   

As a nation and as a world we need to quit squandering our resources and focus on what is important.  On 31 May 2013 at 3pm where I live, a massive asteroid with a moon orbiting it passed by the Earth about 15 million kilometers away.  Today 1 June 2013 we are in the midst of a shockwave described on

 "A G2-class (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm is in progress following the arrival of an interplanetary shock wave on May 31st. The source of the shock is not known; it might have been a minor CME that left the sun without drawing attention to itself."   

I've been following this asteroid which was first described as much smaller and on 30 May 2013 it was discovered to be twice as large and also had a 600 meter moon orbiting it.  This tells me that our detection systems are primitive and that research and development must be deployed to improve our detection systems.  We NEED to set up a defense system to prevent something like that asteroid from hitting the Earth again.  I think this asteroid set off that shock wave and the geomagnetic storm in progress.  It's obviously a traveling magnet.

We know so little.  We are like mice crossing the Interstate Highway and we don't even know how to watch for vehicles.   



Sunday, May 19, 2013

IRS Abuse of Power and Obama Care

A truly chilling thought that the IRS is being used as a political tool, designed to harass and tax opponents.  Using taxes to harass those who disagree with you is reprehensible and shows a disregard for civil rights and being treated fairly in the marketplace by the government.  Search words are nice but politically slanted searches for potential targets for investigation or stalling of tax exempt status is social dynamite that undermines the government. I see stratification forming, based on control of tax decisions.  I never voted for any of these people who are taking so much power. 

Abuse of power by the IRS does not inspire confidence in the implementation of Obamacare and guarantees favoritism in 'exemptions' and other perks.  I think that using the IRS to 'collect' Obama care financial requirements is going to throw every incumbent who voted for it out of office.  It's ridiculous and un-American  to give an organization like the IRS power over the citizenry.  Head of the IRS is not even an elective office and they have the power to tax.  It's disgusting that the 'lawmakers' are exempt from the 'mandatory' Obamacare enrollment.  Why are they better than the rest of us?  We are developing a nasty little oligarchy based on the power to tax, voting themselves perks, benefits and exemptions from payments required of the people.  This looks like the destruction of my world as these greedy for money and power vote themselves higher than everybody else, thinking that the position will inspire respect instead of contempt.      

Now AG Holder feels justified in wiretapping the press in order to find a 'leak' that was actually internal.  Apparently he was after who received the information rather than who actually leaked it, which would have been an internal search of his own buddies.  So who is singing internally?  What was this 'secret' information?  AG Holder is acting like we would all be smithereens if he hadn't wiretapped the press.  And he actually expects people to believe him, even after Fast and Furious.   

Remember the ATF Fast and Furious gun scam providing cartels with high powered weapons against federal laws and the laws of the state of Arizona?  AG Holder protected those eventually labeled semi complicit in setting up Fast and Furious and did nothing until Mr. Issa issued a Contempt of Congress citation.  The Fast and Furious gunrunning resulted in the deaths of many, including a border patrol agent who was ambushed with one of the weapons.  Doesn't do much to inspire confidence. 

Now Mayor Bloomberg is allegedly using wall street terminals to snoop on clients and anybody else who uses the service, including the White House. This was evidently lucrative data sifting based on thought to be private data.  Possibly each data mine should share in the profits generated by the data.  Did they break privacy laws?  How did they get the data?  A hacker program?  Did Bloomberg get rich doing this?  I know that sweeping it under the rug is becoming cumbersome, since that rug has become a mountain of hypocrisy, elitism and vicious control by any means of the populace in all aspects of their lives.  Bloomberg does not respect privacy rights or any of the Bill of Rights.   

Like the Second Amendment rights Bloomberg wants to trample on.  I wonder what he thought about the 75,000 people who showed up for the NRA convention in Texas?  Was a representative of the government there taking names for potential IRS targets?  The hue and cry to destroy second amendment rights does not inspire confidence in the government, particularly in the throes of another scandal concerning abuse of government power.  We don't need more restrictions on firearms.  We need a government who is part of the law, not above it.  The lawless Boston bombers proved one thing about firearms.   I bet those people in Boston who had firearms felt more secure than the helpless hunkering in their houses.

The Bill of Rights was needed in order to ratify the Constitution because all agreed that our rights should be defined, in order to protect and guarantee our rights.  A lawless government based on raw power is not my government.  I saw vote out every politician who does not vote to halt Obamacare until the ramifications of the system are understood and the exemptions from it are nil.  Perhaps the lawmakers will bother to read the bill if it is actually applied to themselves.     

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Bombs are already illegal but terrorists don't care about that, much like the criminals who have guns will scoff at gun control attempts and take advantage of disarmed people and 'peaceful events'.  Imagine a homeowner defending himself against an AK or a bomb thrower with a cylinder handgun or a shotgun?  We live in a dangerous world and we need weapons to defend ourselves.   

So the gun control debate rages on, with ordinary people the target of restrictions on firearm possession and ammunition access at a time when the world is becoming more dangerous. 

The mental health aspect is being discussed, but in a peripheral manner.  In several cases, schools had data that would indicate that the shooter was deranged in some dangerous way, but this information was withheld.  Do privacy laws still hold when the information being concealed could lead to dangerous crimes?  Schools hold much information about students, but where to draw the line?  Should law enforcement notification and edification be required for expulsions from schools? 

I would like to see published the drug histories of the shooters, including blood tests.  Is there a common link or links to prescription drug use or illegal drug use? I read about a huge meth bust in Connecticut and that makes me wonder if the shooter had been using.  Why should I give up my gun rights because some drugged out mental case becomes murderous?  Why is this drug information being kept secret?

Another aspect of the gun control debate that is mostly ignored is the role and involvement of the legal system:  prosecution, sentencing and parole.  Lawyers are currently milking the system and the judges are allowing the delay and extension of cases that could be handled more expeditiously, while lawyers skim the cream off greatly extended cases.  Just say no might be a good idea for the judges who grant all that.  I think that punishments should be more direct and clear cut:  a crime using a gun is automatic x years imprisonment.  If the gun was fired, then x years more.  If somebody was killed or wounded, automatic execution.  No pleas of insanity:  you did that you get x.   No more living a lifetime on death row.  Remember McVeigh?  

Part of the problem is a lack of follow through after criminals are apprehended.  New York City has an excellent follow through rate, while Chicago does not and is now suffering violence.  Not to mention the open door policy, gangs and all the mayhem moving north.  Evidently taking away gun rights did not contain violent crime, but following up on punishments for crimes with guns is effective.  So they want to dilute my gun rights because they are not following up on punishments for violent crime?  No justice there.

It's interesting how many of the wealthy are for gun control, personified by Mayor Bloomberg.  The one percenters are not happy with just most of the wealth:  they want the masses to be relieved of their firearms as well.  It has been pointed out that none of the new legislation would have prevented those past tragedies.  Why not deal with the reality of what is provoking violence in our society?  What about bombs?   What is provoking violence?  One poor schmo went crazy because his home was foreclosed on and his utilities turned off.  He's dead now so he won't be telling his desperate story.  Why is flunking out of graduate school such a personal tragedy that somebody else needed to suffer?  What values are our young being taught?  School pressure is implicated in violence.  Is there a movement on to study school pressure as related to student debt?  Moneylenders who profited take heed!  The social results of some money making tactics are not worth the ultimate cost.  Schools will ultimately lose prestige over this debacle because they no longer provide a way to learn to earn a living and idealism does not pay debt.   I read that student debt is 30% in default and over 60% of college graduates are underemployed and most of the rest don't have a job.  If the wealthy have their way, they won't have a firearm either.      

Other recent murderers' families are being protected from scrutiny, which also avoids a public study of disfunctionality within the families of the shooters.  Other questions need to be answered, like were they on drugs and if so, then what were they on?  Why did the schools conceal information about the shooters?  Did local law enforcement conceal information about the shooters?  What is the track record of the prosecutor, judge and parole system as far as follow up on violent offenders?  Do the punishments fit the crimes on the books, or are the jails packed with minor offenders while the violent get lighter sentences or early release due to overcrowding?  In New York state, they let a murderer out of jail and he killed three more people.  Why was he let out?  In Texas, a killer gets out four years early and kills the chief warden in Colorado.  A clerical error!   Limiting possession of guns isn't going to address these questions and nor would it have prevented them.  Should a recent stabbing spree result in banning knives?  Banning the instrument of death will not fix the social problems exemplified by the senseless slayings.  Other means of death will be found. Look what happened in Boston.   

I feel for the grieving families that are allowing themselves to be trotted out by the politicians as a reason for gun control, believing they are in the right by wanting to curb gun rights in the aftermath of the mother who enabled the madman Lanza.  Mark Kelly is using Gabby Giffords as his poster woman for gun control and she truly is a courageous figure, but Laughner was a known mental case and had been expelled probably for threatening other students.  Why wasn't that reported?  Or was it reported and forgotten about?  Somebody didn't follow procedure.  Throughout history, there have been madmen and the larger the population, the more of them there are at any given time.  These are the people who should be identified and prevented from owning a gun, not the gigantic majority of normal people.  I deplore the politicians who use human distress for political purposes.     

The removal of effective weapon's rights from the possession of the common man has not been a harbinger of joy in the history of our known world.  We know our history and that will not happen here. 



Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gun Violence in the USA

                                 Tucson Rodeo Parade

Gun Violence

Recent crimes have been committed by parolees, dangerous criminals who have been let out of jail 'rehabilitated'.  One of these dangerous criminals murdered his sister who took him in and then killed two firemen who showed up to fight the fire he set.  Who in New York let this vicious criminal out of jail so he could murder again?  Why doesn't the press discuss this? 

A later crime committed by a parolee was in Colorado, where the highest corrections officer was slain at his front door.  This same guy is suspected in another murder of an attorney general.  Why was this vicious murderer let out of jail? 

The liberals call for more gun laws while they campaign to let 'rehabilitated' vicious criminals out of jail.  Laughner is now serving a life term paid for with tax money and local politicians are using the actions of Laughner to attempt to control firearm ownership.  Why not try Laughner under the laws of the state of Arizona, which prohibit killing people?  I think the punishment for murdering with a gun should be an automatic immediate death sentence.  Laughner should have been hung at sunrise on the next day after the shootings, with no doubt as to his guilt. 

Now this new punk in Aurora wants life in prison.  So he flunked out of graduate school?  That's no reason to kill strangers.  This icky little punk just wants to be locked up and taken care of the whole rest of his life, while the rest of us pay.  I saw on the news that his ploy failed.  He obviously did it, so let's try his worthless ass! 

The point here is that lax prosecution, easy sentencing and even easier paroling have led to a scofflaw mentality.  Killers get out to kill again.  Supplying guns to criminals is punishable in Arizona.  So were the ATF officials prosecuted?  They were seeing to it that known criminal organizations received firearms, even arranging money laundering to pay for it, but nobody was prosecuted.  We don't need more laws:  We need the current laws to be enforced by ALL aspects of the system, not just the personnel out there in the field trying to intercept criminals and monitor domestic violence on frozen pay scales.  I've heard more than one law enforcement express frustration at the disposition of the criminals they apprehend.  And remember, the ATF did not keep local law enforcement informed of their gun purchase scheme that resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Terry.  Criminals having more and better arms obviously caught the patrol by surprise.  The punishment for all of these crimes?  A few people in the ATF were transferred, a few were fired and Holder reluctantly accepted the resignation of one scapegoat when Darrel Issa filed contempt of Congress proceedings against Holder.

Now after saturating Arizona with illegal guns, the liberals are using grieving families to push their agenda of gun control on the rest of us, howling that there is no reason not to go ahead with restrictions on gun ownership because morons and lunatics kill people.  It's obvious that mental defectives should not have access to guns.  Laughner was expelled from junior college, and the college suggested a mental health workup, which was never done.  Possibly law enforcement should have been brought in by the college, since such an extreme measure was taken.  Perhaps the mental health evaluation should have been ordered by a judge and a report made to the firearm prohibition list until a determination could be made.  Hindsight is always best but now is the time to get some procedures in place that bring the schools into the loop.  The same goes for the Colorado killer.

What about the foolish mother in Connecticut who taught her autistic son to shoot and paid for it with her life and the lives of more innocents?  She suffered severe lapses in judgment by supplying firearms and allowing her son to sit around the house at age 20.  He should have been in a program for years and he should never have had access to firearms.  However, I don't think my gun rights should be limited because of this sick mother and son relationship.  It's disgusting to see the victims' families emotionally used for longstanding political ends.  Lanza was a vicious criminal and the gun control measures the liberals want would not have changed his access to a gun.

It's interesting to note that Mark Kelly is campaigning to limit gun ownership but that he thinks it's OK to bring a vicious pit bull that slaughtered a sea lion pup to the beach.    Maybe people need guns to defend themselves, Mark.  I'm glad the dog didn't attack a child.

The liberals never discuss lax follow up on enforcement and are quick to blame general gun ownership for violence.  Crimes with guns need to be prosecuted and punished with death or life in prison.  If we don't have enough prison space, let all the pot heads out and fill up the spaces with criminals who committed crimes with guns.  That would cut gun violence like nothing else.   And no additional legislation on gun rights would be required.    



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What is Insurance?

Writing from the USA:

 What is insurance intended to accomplish?  What is insurance actually doing?

Purpose of insurance:  Pay the insured for losses incurred as specified in the contract.  This prevents loss of assets and possible impoverishment of the family incurring the losses.  The idea is to have a 'pool' of people who pay into it and who then take turns using the fund as losses occur.  The theory is that the fund will remain solvent.  Originally, insurance purchase was voluntary. 

Problems with this voluntary insurance design:

Insurance funds do go bankrupt due to thievery or stupidity. 

Thievery can come from many directions, from bogus medical claims, through the denial of legitimate claims and gambling clients' money while calling their activities 'investments'.  Medical personnel have been known to bill for no visits, or to milk the number of visits like an overripe cow.  The biggest problem is that these insurance schemes 'insure' more value than they have, so if there is a flood of claims, money is lacking to pay the claims.  I know of one 'insurance' scheme that was drained while paying for a political campaign.

The voluntary insurance plans were competitive in the marketplace, which tended to bring costs down.  The unions pushed for 'benefits' and employers were forced to buy insurance for their workers, again without any mechanism to keep costs down.   

And this was before even more insurance schemes became mandatory.   When insurance became mandatory, several more problems surfaced like pond scum.

Mandatory auto insurance was instated in Arizona by one of the most crooked legislatures on record.  The prices for insurance immediately rose and the insurance people went out and bought new Cadillacs.  Their income is so secure, the police are even notified if a driver does not buy insurance.  The state takes away your license to drive if you do not pay these insurance people.  It was suggested that this insurance be voluntary, that individuals insure themselves if they so desire, but we were told that these insurance brokers are the best people to handle our money, and if you were lucky enough never to use it, you just lost the money.  You are not permitted to save this money in a special account so if you do not use it, you could have it.  These insurance people get richer and richer because actual price controls were never instituted.  Insurance prices are so high, people struggle to make the payments. 

I see a huge new problem when mandatory health insurance is instituted.  The medical profession protests low government payments for services for the insured while they pad the bills.  Exorbitant charges are foisted off on the uninsured and 'costs' are out of control.  They say that about 60-70% of all personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills while the patient has insurance.  Thus the insurance is expensive, does not cover the hospital costs  yet the patient is forced to buy it while the medical costs rise unchecked.  The cost of the insurance has few controls, so people must pay more and more every year.  Some attempts have been made to cut administrative costs of the insurance companies, forcing them to spend on the insured instead of their second yacht.

The main gripe with mandatory insurance is that the free market is not working when individuals are forced to buy anything.  The lack of controls on charges while forcing individuals to buy creates inflation in the health care market and a further drain on other sectors of the economy.  Anybody who calls this capitalism is foolish.  The politicians have merged the indigent care problem with the private market and then expanded it to include more people, displacing church and traditional family based care systems, while subsidizing some private businesses paying CEOs huge sums . 

My second question:  What is insurance actually accomplishing? 

Medical care was already available for the indigent but is expensive for the ordinary individual needing specialty treatment.  Express medical care clinics are located all over town and are reasonable in cost.  So the question was never if medical care is available.  The real question is who could be forced to buy insurance, which would then increase the size of the insurance pool money.  So now the IRS is leading the charge to punish those who do not buy insurance, whether or not they make a claim on the health care system.  They will be charged whether they use it or not and they will never see their money again.  I think it is a function of individual rights not to be forced to buy.  The insurance companies and the government are now taking a sizeable chunk of income from consumers, who cannot now spend it on the economy.  More and more money is tied up in insurance every year, which drains the rest of the economy.  Unions have negotiated exorbitant benefit plans that are bankrupting local governments and more and more money is controlled by the insurance brokers.

So the majority of the people in the USA have good medical care but at exorbitant escalating costs to themselves now mandated by the government.  Indigent care has always been freely given.  The health care charge forced by the IRS is justly called a tax by the Supreme Court.   All this is not the quality of the health care, but is about the scramble to collect and hold the money mandated from the taxpayers.  Current insurance systems are larded with bureaucracy, high operating costs and administrative perks, all at the expense of the insured.  Our health care money is being spent on expensive administration costs and resort vacations.  I think the system needs reform.

Health care goals are being met but the financial cost is crippling other segments of the economy as the people struggle under the burdens of mandatory auto and health insurance costs, high fuel prices, and guaranteed inflation of at least 2% a year, which devalues the money and raises consumer prices. 
                                              Washington D.C. Grand Central Station













Saturday, February 16, 2013

Asteroid Aftermath

Unite the world in an effort to ward off future threats from asteroids.  I think all the effort and expense now spent on war, vengeance, turf battles and other violent activities should be spent on the space effort, which would include an elaborate setup designed to protect the planet from future asteroid hits. 

Financial enticements from possible mining strikes on other planets or asteroids could result in huge profits for entrepreneurs, working out there with national government sponsored businesses.  A new source of metals and minerals could transform the economy.  Freefall businesses like the molecular construction of new compounds, hydroponics, aquaculture and other life support could aid the construction of the watching stations and the interception equipment.  We are not so primitive that we do not have the capability to stand watch over our home.

Now that we know the danger is real, it is imperative that we get started on the project now.  I suggest a symposium of politicians and scientists to discuss the feasibility of ideas, project costs and location of the major assemblage and launch areas.  I believe that all nations must be involved, even the 'renegade' nations.  This has to be a worldwide project designed to protect the whole world. 

Project costs must be shared and the resultant employment should reflect the portion of the project costs contributed.  If the USA contributes x of the cost of the project, then the USA gets that much employment.  This would encourage the nations to contribute.  Private entrepreneurship is needed on the supply side, the mining interests, and other commercial possibilities. 

We as a species can protect our world.  Scientists think an asteroid exterminated the dinosaurs but I know we have more sense than to allow it to happen to us.  Let us unite in the face of adversity and create a web of early warning protection around our planet.  Just think of all the positive outcomes from an investment in outer space infrastructure:

·         employment

·         investment opportunities

·         development of new technologies

·         satellite maintenance programs

·         protection of the planet

·         cooperation among nations

·         national investment

·         new mineral resources

I call for an international meeting to discuss the need for an early warning system and asteroid deflection mechanism to protect the Earth.   


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sentence Structure

 To All My ESL Friends
I see you way far away,
dreaming under a pink sky.
English learners many word order patterns for sentences.
Here is one basic pattern:
'What the sentence is about' or 'subject' is first
then 'what action' is happening (verb)
then the action is happening 'to what or when or who'?
Create simple sentences like:
I am here.
You are there.
China is 'in the southern latitudes.'
USA is 'in the northern latitudes.'
I drive to Mexico.
Asteroid 2012DA14 comes close Friday.
I write 'novels and essays'.
You write a blog.
You are a blogger. 
You enjoy blogging.
It is high noon.
I hear a rooster.
He crows all day.
Eastern Europeans sell crystals here.
Iranian rugs are beautiful.
German schnitzel is good.
Gobekli Tepe is the oldest. 
Homo Erectus bones were found in China.
Homo Erectus bones were lost at sea during World War II.
You could find them.
Much can be expressed using this elemental sentence pattern.  The punctuation marks are not necessary, and are only there to illustrate that these parts may consist of more than one word.   This pattern limits the thoughts that can be developed, so one must learn other patterns.......
Sorry about the deviation from the usual topics but I wanted to talk ESL for a few minutes.  Sentence diagramming in English is a good source for sentence patterns.
                                               Eclipse of the Sun 2012

Friday, January 25, 2013

Gun Control

So we are an armed nation with a tradition of freedom to go how we want, where we want, carrying what we want.  The recent social engineering talk indicates a willingness to tinker with the basic social structure by further controlling what can be purchased by individuals.  Limiting the size of sodas that can be purchased is futile unless the numbers purchased per day are also controlled, which also requires identification and recordkeeping and punishments for violating the law and so on.  When does it end?  When will people consider that the society already has a basis and that basis is important to preserve?  Changing society is no small thing and any change has far reaching consequences.  I prefer education to blatant control.   

I was a child when the civil rights demands began to be heard in the 1950s.  I can remember the black and white TV and the images of the small black girl walking up the school steps while being taunted by white men.  My father said it was wrong for those men to be there and that they were probably hypocrites who went to church every Sunday.  It took 60 years for true civil rights to manifest, exemplified by the election of President Obama.  Our society is much more homogeneous than it used to be. 

Those who advocate for the cessation of 2nd Amendment rights do not realize that an insurrection would result if confiscation were attempted.  A congresswoman has introduced a bill banning over a hundred types of firearms, all while saying this control over your choices is good for you.  If they control that, what else will they try to control?  Some liberals want the people to have no firearms, which would reduce them to subjects rather than citizens, to paraphrase a friend. 

Power mad city councilmen want the power to control gun ownership within the city limits.  As a first step they want to control gun sales within the city.   Being disarmed in the city of Tucson is like being naked on a city bus.  This attempted power grab by city councilmen should be thwarted.  Petty city officials should not attempt to breach constitutional rights.  What's next?  A computer check of every beer you drink with dinner?  A limit on salsa servings because it might cause heartburn?  A limit on the amount of candy you can buy?  These council people should get back to doing their jobs, which is to keep the city maintained and solvent, neither of which they are doing. 

 If their liberal goal is social engineering, perhaps a longer perspective is needed before attempting to destroy self reliance in our society, of which the possession of personal firearms is the most important manifestation.   Since the liberals feel free to design a future based on restrictions imposed on the populace now, perhaps an alternative vision is imperative.  How about a future where people are held accountable for their actions and possessions?  Swift accountability and punishment.  Remember McVeigh?  He didn't hang around long.  The delay in punishment creates a perception of no punishment but restraint, which seems a relief to these punks and failures who now are cared for at public expense.   

Rather than try to change the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, it would be better to deal with the practical problems of gun ownership by the citizenry.  That could be done now without opposition.  Try and think of how to address the physical problem of guns being used by juveniles and lunatics to kill people.   The gun owner should be held libel for crimes committed by household members using the firearm.   In plain terms, adults who own firearms are responsible for securing them.  Punish adults who let juveniles and lunatics access firearms.  A minor should not own a gun.  Autistics, retarded people, suicidal people, people who have been convicted of assault and so on should not be allowed to legally own a gun.  It's already a crime to buy a gun for a criminal.  Let the behavior of the individual dictate gun accessability.  Don't punish the many for the sins of a few.