Monday, June 13, 2016


Donald Trump and the Will to Win

So now after all the media and sore loser hooraw against the idea, Mr. Donald Trump is the elected presidential nominee for the Republican Party, duly chosen by the people with a majority of delegates far exceeding the required number for a win.

No way around it unless you are that cold eyed guy who used to be in the Sen. Ted Cruz campaign before Sen. Cruz fired him.  MSNBC quickly picked him up as an erstwhile commentator and now he was on the air advocating changing the Republican Convention rules to allow an ‘open’ vote on the first vote.  This way the nomination could be jerked away from Mr. Trump and gifted to someone more malleable towards the existing power structure.  And to hell with the Republican electorate who elected Mr. Trump. 

With so many delegates obligated to him by the massive vote for him, Donald Trump will officially become the nominee and the opportunity for new people to be heard is immense, as ‘party insiders’ lose their powerbase and are forced to more on to other endeavors. 

I like the populism and the surging knowledge levels among the people as the communication revolution sweeps the nation.  The population is less dominated by TV and alternative ideas flood the Internet.  The negative political media coverage of Mr. Trump was counteracted by the fact that Mr. Trump was already known in entertainment media and his reputation as a fair guy was established, and slanted negative stories did nothing to change the opinion of the electorate.   The political media attacks actually made them look bad because they were so obviously biased for other candidates.  Nobody likes unfairness, especially those who have so little defense against it.  And they vote too.

Get out the vote!  How often have I been told that in political meetings!  Now the Republican Vote is burgeoning due to Donald Trump and the Republicans should become in action what they are in fact.  Defeating Hillary Clinton is possible with party unity plus some Independents, some Bernie supporters, and anybody else who feels the present trend is not helping the nation meet the challenges of the future.  So many of us worked to get out the vote but Donald Trump is actually doing it and we can win in November.