Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gun Violence in the USA

                                 Tucson Rodeo Parade

Gun Violence

Recent crimes have been committed by parolees, dangerous criminals who have been let out of jail 'rehabilitated'.  One of these dangerous criminals murdered his sister who took him in and then killed two firemen who showed up to fight the fire he set.  Who in New York let this vicious criminal out of jail so he could murder again?  Why doesn't the press discuss this? 

A later crime committed by a parolee was in Colorado, where the highest corrections officer was slain at his front door.  This same guy is suspected in another murder of an attorney general.  Why was this vicious murderer let out of jail? 

The liberals call for more gun laws while they campaign to let 'rehabilitated' vicious criminals out of jail.  Laughner is now serving a life term paid for with tax money and local politicians are using the actions of Laughner to attempt to control firearm ownership.  Why not try Laughner under the laws of the state of Arizona, which prohibit killing people?  I think the punishment for murdering with a gun should be an automatic immediate death sentence.  Laughner should have been hung at sunrise on the next day after the shootings, with no doubt as to his guilt. 

Now this new punk in Aurora wants life in prison.  So he flunked out of graduate school?  That's no reason to kill strangers.  This icky little punk just wants to be locked up and taken care of the whole rest of his life, while the rest of us pay.  I saw on the news that his ploy failed.  He obviously did it, so let's try his worthless ass! 

The point here is that lax prosecution, easy sentencing and even easier paroling have led to a scofflaw mentality.  Killers get out to kill again.  Supplying guns to criminals is punishable in Arizona.  So were the ATF officials prosecuted?  They were seeing to it that known criminal organizations received firearms, even arranging money laundering to pay for it, but nobody was prosecuted.  We don't need more laws:  We need the current laws to be enforced by ALL aspects of the system, not just the personnel out there in the field trying to intercept criminals and monitor domestic violence on frozen pay scales.  I've heard more than one law enforcement express frustration at the disposition of the criminals they apprehend.  And remember, the ATF did not keep local law enforcement informed of their gun purchase scheme that resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Terry.  Criminals having more and better arms obviously caught the patrol by surprise.  The punishment for all of these crimes?  A few people in the ATF were transferred, a few were fired and Holder reluctantly accepted the resignation of one scapegoat when Darrel Issa filed contempt of Congress proceedings against Holder.

Now after saturating Arizona with illegal guns, the liberals are using grieving families to push their agenda of gun control on the rest of us, howling that there is no reason not to go ahead with restrictions on gun ownership because morons and lunatics kill people.  It's obvious that mental defectives should not have access to guns.  Laughner was expelled from junior college, and the college suggested a mental health workup, which was never done.  Possibly law enforcement should have been brought in by the college, since such an extreme measure was taken.  Perhaps the mental health evaluation should have been ordered by a judge and a report made to the firearm prohibition list until a determination could be made.  Hindsight is always best but now is the time to get some procedures in place that bring the schools into the loop.  The same goes for the Colorado killer.

What about the foolish mother in Connecticut who taught her autistic son to shoot and paid for it with her life and the lives of more innocents?  She suffered severe lapses in judgment by supplying firearms and allowing her son to sit around the house at age 20.  He should have been in a program for years and he should never have had access to firearms.  However, I don't think my gun rights should be limited because of this sick mother and son relationship.  It's disgusting to see the victims' families emotionally used for longstanding political ends.  Lanza was a vicious criminal and the gun control measures the liberals want would not have changed his access to a gun.

It's interesting to note that Mark Kelly is campaigning to limit gun ownership but that he thinks it's OK to bring a vicious pit bull that slaughtered a sea lion pup to the beach.    Maybe people need guns to defend themselves, Mark.  I'm glad the dog didn't attack a child.

The liberals never discuss lax follow up on enforcement and are quick to blame general gun ownership for violence.  Crimes with guns need to be prosecuted and punished with death or life in prison.  If we don't have enough prison space, let all the pot heads out and fill up the spaces with criminals who committed crimes with guns.  That would cut gun violence like nothing else.   And no additional legislation on gun rights would be required.