Friday, January 25, 2013

Gun Control

So we are an armed nation with a tradition of freedom to go how we want, where we want, carrying what we want.  The recent social engineering talk indicates a willingness to tinker with the basic social structure by further controlling what can be purchased by individuals.  Limiting the size of sodas that can be purchased is futile unless the numbers purchased per day are also controlled, which also requires identification and recordkeeping and punishments for violating the law and so on.  When does it end?  When will people consider that the society already has a basis and that basis is important to preserve?  Changing society is no small thing and any change has far reaching consequences.  I prefer education to blatant control.   

I was a child when the civil rights demands began to be heard in the 1950s.  I can remember the black and white TV and the images of the small black girl walking up the school steps while being taunted by white men.  My father said it was wrong for those men to be there and that they were probably hypocrites who went to church every Sunday.  It took 60 years for true civil rights to manifest, exemplified by the election of President Obama.  Our society is much more homogeneous than it used to be. 

Those who advocate for the cessation of 2nd Amendment rights do not realize that an insurrection would result if confiscation were attempted.  A congresswoman has introduced a bill banning over a hundred types of firearms, all while saying this control over your choices is good for you.  If they control that, what else will they try to control?  Some liberals want the people to have no firearms, which would reduce them to subjects rather than citizens, to paraphrase a friend. 

Power mad city councilmen want the power to control gun ownership within the city limits.  As a first step they want to control gun sales within the city.   Being disarmed in the city of Tucson is like being naked on a city bus.  This attempted power grab by city councilmen should be thwarted.  Petty city officials should not attempt to breach constitutional rights.  What's next?  A computer check of every beer you drink with dinner?  A limit on salsa servings because it might cause heartburn?  A limit on the amount of candy you can buy?  These council people should get back to doing their jobs, which is to keep the city maintained and solvent, neither of which they are doing. 

 If their liberal goal is social engineering, perhaps a longer perspective is needed before attempting to destroy self reliance in our society, of which the possession of personal firearms is the most important manifestation.   Since the liberals feel free to design a future based on restrictions imposed on the populace now, perhaps an alternative vision is imperative.  How about a future where people are held accountable for their actions and possessions?  Swift accountability and punishment.  Remember McVeigh?  He didn't hang around long.  The delay in punishment creates a perception of no punishment but restraint, which seems a relief to these punks and failures who now are cared for at public expense.   

Rather than try to change the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, it would be better to deal with the practical problems of gun ownership by the citizenry.  That could be done now without opposition.  Try and think of how to address the physical problem of guns being used by juveniles and lunatics to kill people.   The gun owner should be held libel for crimes committed by household members using the firearm.   In plain terms, adults who own firearms are responsible for securing them.  Punish adults who let juveniles and lunatics access firearms.  A minor should not own a gun.  Autistics, retarded people, suicidal people, people who have been convicted of assault and so on should not be allowed to legally own a gun.  It's already a crime to buy a gun for a criminal.  Let the behavior of the individual dictate gun accessability.  Don't punish the many for the sins of a few.