Monday, November 12, 2007


What the Israelis Should Have

An amicable relationship with neighbors instead of buying into another scenario that is impractical for the circumstances. Recognizing the antiquity of the Semitic language and the membership of said groups Palestinians, Jew and other related, there must be made a place for the Jews and their brethren the Palestinians on the basis of pure antiquity and mutual respect for their respective survival groups.

The bombings and bulldozing and killing and colonizing must immediately halt. The flow of foodstuffs and utilities must resume with the understanding that their part must be paid for by them. Work or cash shall be the tender. Reparations for damages resulting from the creation of Israel cannot be ignored. Open economic opportunities like storefronts, services and guaranteed equal rights including the right to return to the land of Gilgamesh and Palestine. Equal rights to investment and land ownership must be fulfilled. The promise of Israel can not doom anyone, lest righteous failure loom.

It appears that Israel would benefit as a port for trade throughout the region, which would be across several nations to ports on the Caspian and goods from states bordering this sea. An oil pipeline to the Mediterranean from the Caspian would be an economic boom and provide employment. Negotiate a deal and invest in the region where you live and also benefit Europe trading partners. Toll roads and local businesses accessible along the routes: it is time to get going and face the reality of now. Negotiate deals and get started on commerce.

Revive the trade routes of yore for the most energy efficient travel. Revive the trade of horses from The Stans, the fabled goods of the past, oil, the riches of Caucasians brings Energy like horses for you to ride. Come they now as world leaders as the southern oil reserves are depleted? So resume the old trails and tolerate each other. It is up to the families to restrain those who would continue violence. Bombing a neighbor is self defeating.

Let those with vendettas be leached from power and allow the blessing of peace to emerge from the realization of the self perpetuating nature of this conflict. Call an economic summit and change the course of history. Offer investment deals and employment.

Questioning the legitimacy of Israel is necessary as is the response. To me, the formation of Israel came from the anguished times of World War II. Zionism is not a new idea, but has been used as an entitlement to lands claimed by ancient Semitic speaking inhabitants of the land who were soon refugees in surrounding nations, an unfortunate happenstance that should have been avoided in favor of a true Democracy, not an ethnic Democracy with preferred positions reserved for the privileged class. An unfair perception developed rapidly and wars ensued. Land claimed in war remains a war flashpoint, certainly not worth it.

Was the establishment of Israel legal? Was the establishment of Israel a moral issue after the carnage of World War II? Were the Palestinians harmed by the establishment of Israel? Are all peoples of the region suffering? Has the time come to call World War II over and done with?

Answering these questions will illuminate but not solve the real issues of today. The only courses of action that will solve the problems are the establishment of mutual respect, the cessation of all violence, and the establishment of commerce freely available to all.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Copper Resources

Copper Dreaming

In the dream world, the local resources would be available for the local people to use to earn a living. I proceed with this essay on the assumption that resources would be accessible…

Arizona is not a self sustaining entity yet has resources. These resources are of the mineral persuasion, with considerable investment in exploiting these resources already ongoing. A large smelter comes to mind and I ask what are the byproducts of that smelter? I know that one byproduct is heat, which could be tapped for other uses if one studied upon it. Heat to boil water to make steam which could run electric generators, for instance. Heat to warm greenhouses to produce food. Hot water and heating for a settlement. Warm water to grow prawns and catfish. The list could go on.

A smelter uses a huge amount of energy. This is energy that could be used, rather than just blown off into the atmosphere. As of now, copper is smelted, trucked, trained and trucked to another site so it can be melted again and made into something else. In an era of cheap energy, this system was cost effective, but now money could be saved by making copper products without transporting and remelting. This change would save energy overall but would change the locale of production and the pattern of distribution. The possibility of products comes to mind when considering smelter byproducts and the raw copper and silica. Is melted silica part of the smelting process? Is this low phosphorous silica that could be used along with copper to make photovoltaic cells? This already melted copper is a treasure just waiting to be tapped by local businesses. How about some government interest in preserving our copper resources so the locals can make a living for a long time using them. Maybe we want to make copper items to sell.

What I am saying here is that an economy based on copper and copper smelting related byproducts could last a long time here in local Arizona if they would stop hauling truckloads of pure copper ingots someplace else for somebody else to make money on it. I think our copper is being removed from the ground way too fast. But Wow! Us local yokels get jobs for about twenty years, our resources are stripped out and our grandchildren sink into poverty or must leave because nothing is left to make goods to sell and trade for the things we need, like food.

Smelting is not what it used to be, which was dirty and sickly. New technologies have controlled sulfur emissions and produced useful byproducts. We need the most advanced technology, research for possible uses for sulfur and other byproducts, a survey of other available minerals and an infusion of investment into alternative ways to use our copper resources. We need politicians who understand what local sustainability really means to the people out there making a living.

We need to preserve our resources.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Housing Scam

So the gamblers have lost their stakes due to lack of performance and they are crying to the Feds for subsidies. So bad for them to take a loss during gambling with investors' money. It does not look good and is terrible for social relationships!

The need or desire for more money and the material goods it supplies leads people to invest money by gambling on a higher risk paying off. The rub is that did the original rubes realize the shaky trail their money would pioneer? Or would you prefer: Were lies told and who told them? Let’s jump in and find out and I do not care who contributed to what campaign. Let’s look at the whole story.

The story begins with the development of the west and the cheap land available to speculators and developers, the settlement occurring with much individual initiative and little government support except for law and order.

Arizona was ripe for the pickings after World War II and the real estate market boomed with some ups and down until the 1990s when lending practices loosened up and allowed for loans to people with poor credit. I seem to remember a pundit declaring that some people just needed a chance to prove themselves and that is probably true in some cases.

The loan business escalated to the point that the lenders would guarantee just about anybody for a loan, while arranging for themselves and their business partners to get paid cash in full. Profits flowed nicely in the direction of the loan artists, speculators and developers. The loan companies then ‘bundled’ these dubious loans and sold them to their investors for more cash. These investors had gathered the cash from smallholders.

These loans were then to be milked for interest in order for the smallholders to get paid and when the default rate went up, the investors went under and the smallholders lost their value. Lenders holding these smelly bundles cannot sell them and are scrambling to pay the defaulted payments or they just go under and run. Remember the huge profits the loan artists, speculators and developers reaped? That is where the money really went, into the hands of the sharpshooters.

They say the local economy was stimulated and thus good was wrought. Let’s examine that. Construction jobs were plentiful and foreign nationals were more than glad to take that opportunity. The hue and cry about illegal immigration began and political fortunes are staked on the outcome of this debate. The area schools are overcrowded. Police and firefighters are spread too thin. The roads are congested and the state budget is swollen with transportation spending. Foreclosures are rampant and homes remain unsold. Vast tracts of pristine desert have been bulldozed and the water table is dropping despite infusions of Central Arizona Project water.

The icing on this grim cake is enough to choke the taxpayers who are widespread victims of this growth. Our taxes have doubled in five years because the speculators ran up the prices on properties because they could get loans with no credit. The flippers cleaned up on this one when they could buy on hock and resell at a higher price. One third of the foreclosures are ‘investors’ who were not required to qualify for loans, but could collect the profits nicely, while running up prices for normal homebuyers.

It works like this: Sure, I’ll arrange a loan for you at $200,000 and you sell this property for $235,000 in two months and I’ll take my $200,000 and build another $90,000 house I’ll sell to you for $210,000 etc. In the meantime, the poor schmuck who owns a home in the vicinity suddenly is sitting on hot property that of course should generate more tax for the government, who will use it to pay for infrastructure to benefit the developers who ran up the housing valuations during their profit taking spree funded by cheap credit. The taxpayer is now paying taxes on a house they never paid that much for but now they are told it is ‘worth’ more. The intrinsic value of the home is the same or even less due to the overcrowding and fumes.

Our politicians have catered to this scam because they then got control of huge infusions of tax money they could play with. The pull back in housing sales has resulted in a state budget shortfall and a mounting deficit. Who will own these houses under foreclosure? Who is paying taxes on those properties?

This subprime mortgage scandal has damaged our landscape, raised our property taxes and created huge public debt for the infrastructure required to cope with the growth. Our water supplies are strained and rationing looms as the Colorado River is slowly drained into oblivion. Cheap labor and loose credit created huge profits for a few but left the taxpayers looking for a way to control the government.

We can vote. We will prevail over those who would oust people from their homes in order to collect more taxes for the same government services. A crooked lender loaned big bucks on homes near mine, so now I pay more taxes. This is horse patooties.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Inclusive Iraq War Reports

Ask France to be report central
The collector of reports on the Iraq War
That our president will read
Before addressing congress
Pray for guidance into the future
Where reports from the actuals are given

May God allow reports to be written
May our leaders understand them
And use them to benefit our people
Towards the pathway to peace.
Let nothing stand in the way
Communicate from the front lines

Who would report on the Iraq War?
Mr. Maliki, Al Sadr, Baathist, Sunni, Kurds
Plus reports from adjoining countries
Regional countries and those who have troops
In Iraq and General Petreus
And our absent Secretary of State

May God grant that our President
Request these reports
Read these reports
In the name of God judge these reports
On the state of the Iraq War
And come up with a vision.

The time for vengeance is past
Vengeance will never be yours or mine
Since we cannot own the pain
Our duties are on Earth
And the suffering of the small ones
Transcends other goals.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Water War 2007

Marana wants to take over the Marana Water Treatment Facility from the county, but Pima County bond money paid for it, thus the people of Pima County paid for this facility but the city fathers of Marana feel entitled to it! Nice deal for them!

The people of Marana should pay for their own plant. They should tax developers and tax the people already there rather than concentrating on bringing in more people when the water supply is inadequate.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Arizona Budget Department of Education

An examination of the Arizona State Budget portion of the Department of Education revealed many good points and a few items that perhaps need illumination.

Increasing the base level funding by 3% seems a bit excessive when perhaps others must economize. $46,000,000 more payments to the schools must be accompanied by proven cost saving measures. Why raise the percentage rather than just award a one time bailout with mandated cost cutting?

An increase of 2% in the transportation funding amounts per route mile encourages the profligate use of expensive fuel resources. The transporting of children miles from their homes to attend a large school may be no longer cost effective when insurance and vehicle expenses plus an increase in fuel prices affect the bottom line. Granting the schools a 2% raise in transportation funding does nothing to encourage conservation of our monetary or fuel resources.

Research on small schools shows less discipline problems and other social benefits, while internet studies allow bright students to pursue their interests from world class instructors. Times have changed and our technology allows us to use different solutions than were previously available. Local small schools would relieve the state of huge transportation bills.

I would hope that the budget encourages conservation. Excess utilities also does nothing to encourage conservation, while the average citizen is being hit with increasing utility costs, the public schools get a raise.

I do not know the details of the funded e-learning program, but research in that area seems appropriate.

Dorothy Prater Niemi Ed.D. NAU 1995

Thursday, June 14, 2007

War Mongering

I see that war rhetoric is popular with the journalists, rather than the reasoned review of the possibilities of peace talks among adversaries in the region east of Europe yet west of China. Emphasis on war talk and downplaying the coming meeting of the minds is irresponsible.

Mr. Lieberman is openly calling for opening another front. What stupidity when the troop levels are now called insufficient for the present ambitions. Is this man representing the needs of the United States of America?

The cost of this two pronged war is astronomical in both human and economic terms. This course cannot be continued. When US casualty numbers are reported, perhaps the Iraqi casualties should also be shown, be they generated by civil war or our raids.

Let me create a scenario.

Mexico and Canada have been invaded by a great power hostile to us. Do we sit by or try and help those opposing the occupation? We might ready ourselves for war, in the face of warlike rhetoric and threats made by another near neighbor. Of course we act to protect ourselves. Anybody would. Mr. Ron Paul is correct. Walk a mile in my shoes.

So Iran is interested in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course we need to talk to Iran. And we do not need warmongers to succeed in setting off yet another Mideast war before the talks occur. Why do they not want the talks to succeed? Who is profiting by this war? Can we afford to waste these petroleum resources? How much in debt are we as a result of this war?

I do not understand why the fools did that 911 death dealing. More war mongering. We have the world we have. We must deal with the coming problems and take a long term view of the survival needs of our world community without decimating our living environment.

Our leaders are wasting time and resources to secure petroleum supplies that may run out before we can pay for the war. If the appointment of Navy to control what has been a ground war presages attacks from the sea, then perhaps the war mongers are at work. Protecting the international shipping lanes is legitimate: opening another war is not.

I think that all societies should reevaluate war mongering. Perhaps other leaders with new ideas for solving the problems will come to the forefront.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Immigration has been a reality since 50,000 years ago when Homo sapiens migrated to all corners of the world long before the concepts of partitioning and ownership grew out of territoriality morphed into land deeds. Migration is the history of our species.

Migration as a population relief valve has settled the world with humans but under present conditions any new migrations will be greeted by existing populations who may or may not be happy to see the newcomers. The arrival of significant numbers of a new cultural system brings change to the cultural totality through time. Recognition of enculturation mechanisms in a society is imperative. It should be remembered that the meeting of cultures has resulted in cultural blooms in art and innovation but has also produced gang activity in this country as evidenced by relationship between immigration and gang crime.

The superposition of nations over the natural migration patterns did not change the patterns. Control of the movement of peoples is a function of overpopulation as is war. War over resources also drains off excess population in the absence of somewhere to migrate.

So what does all this have to do with illegal immigration into the USA, the last human frontier on Earth?

Mexico was settled by Europeans rather earlier than the northern English colonies and already had significant Indian populations who had extensive trade routes throughout North America. Human populations prospered in Mexico as the native populations combined native and imported foods, improved agriculture and gained the metalworking technology of the Europeans. Agricultural success equaled population growth, thus setting the stage for modern migrations from Mexico to the north, where lower population densities and modern technology had created work.

Mexico’s birthrate outstrips the ability of their economy to produce well paying jobs, so the unemployed or underemployed take their chances and migrate to the USA to find work. Most of them find employment and work hard to improve their prospects while enrolling their children in our schools. These children are no longer ethnic Mexicans: they become acculturated to the USA and they become ours, illegal or not. This is an actuality, not a legal opinion. I have taught these children.

As for rounding up our friends and neighbors, I say that this is impossibility. It is simply not civilized to round people up, impound them, transport them to the border and dump them in Mexico. Then the Mexican government can deal with 12,000,000 economic refugees, feed and house them, take care of the sewage and crime problems and of course establish hostile camps all along our border. This would create an atmosphere of hatred and would encourage the development of anti-USA terrorism. It would be much better to integrate these people into our structure, put pressure on Mexico to prevent immigration and better distribute the wealth of their country and close the border to more illegal immigration through better interdiction along the border. Policies of providing free birth control needs and the education of women should be established in Mexico, along with economic incentives to restrict births. Estimates say that Mexico is exporting 500,000 people a year to the USA, a convenient pop off valve for excessive breeding. This unspoken policy on the part of the Mexican honchos has also resulted in billions of USA dollars exported to Mexico through these citizens working in the USA.

We are now at peace. Stirring up trouble is unnecessary. There is a peaceful solution to immigration and we should be committed to achieving this goal. I say listen to the leadership from Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico. They will offer a practical solution to illegal immigration because they know the people and the circumstances.

Monday, June 04, 2007

RTA Election


There appear to be several occurrences recently that together made a parody of our election laws.

The RTA election set forth by the roadbuilders lost in the polls but won the election. Now suspicions have arisen that the computer was programmed to flip votes, giving us an upside down tally.

Added to these coincidences is the fact that the pro RTA people did fund 22 pro RTA statements in the election booklet mailed to voters. This gave the impression that 22 people paid $100 each or the privilege of expressing their opinion about the RTA proposals
The actuality was that the pro RTA committee had paid $2200 to buy the ad spots in the election literature without noting that fact, kind of like sending letters through proxies but nobody is supposed to know about it but a few insiders. I call the opinions expressed under the aegis of the pro-RTA committee ads because that is what they were. I think it is required by law to sign an election booklet opinion when you pay for it. The pro RTA committee lawyer was ‘unaware’ of this law and received a slap on the wrist for falsifying election literature. Voters were deceived.

The parody comes in when the poor schmuck voter is sent misleading election literature. Corruption in elections is corruption in governments.

Hey man, you make a fool of us when you lie, cheat and maybe steal our tax dollars for bogus projects. First the untrustworthy election materials, now this alleged flipping off the electorate with slick rhetoric and maybe a few bucks on the side for somebody plus a very large roadbuilder mealticket, all on the taxpayer’s dollars.

What some people won’t do to get their hands on money…undermine the election process for short term goals is a guaranteed long term failure. Trust in our elections is more important than roadbuilders, trust me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pima County Overspending

Blogger Special

The Tuesday Republican club was hopping today...Ray Carroll and Ms. Day spoke on the county budget, which is out of control spending the tax money gathered in from the last hike in assessed evaluation. Our property taxes are ridiculous now and next year expect a 19% increase! Evidently ole Huck wants more sales tax from the populace, which has to have a 100% vote from supes to pass.

We need to back our Pima County supervisors in reining in this out of control spending. The demos control the board and voted in $14 mil pork for their own districts and $1mil for the Republican supes. This is bs, don't you think?

Evidently Sahaurita has overbuilt and their turd farm is inadequate. Get this...they want to pipe it to Tucson for us taxpayers to pay for the treatment instead of taxing themselves and paying for an improved facility. This is abuse of our system. I think this is a disclosure issue for the developers of Sahaurita. Let the people sue them.

Randy Pullen, director of the state Republican party, has blabbed bigtime and many are calling for party unity instead of Mr. Pullen leading the charge to disrupt the party. Questions raised at the meeting today included why didn't the Republicans settle on an immigration bill when they had a majority? Why did they wait until they no longer had majority? Senator Kyl was doing his job when he compromised with Senator Kennedy. He had no choice. Walking out and taking his ball and going home was not an option.

I think the party has had enough of not speaking with those who do not totally agree with their own august opinions, a surefire way to never learn anything. We need to talk and compromise and plan for the next election, rather than tearing each other down.

Enuf said.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tucson Parody Town Hall

A stacked deck may let them report what they think they want but excluding a range of participants will not change the physical limitations of Tucson, like a looming water shortage. Not wanting to mention water because the recognition of the lack thereof will cause an economic downturn is putting your head in the sand. The lack of water WILL CAUSE an economic downturn and intelligent people would be planning long term how to maintain this city for the people already here. Check the level of Lake Mead, study the Colorado River agreement and get ready for a shortage. Of course, a few "important" people might make a few bucks before more development is declared non-adaptive behavior..., so deal your marked cards and gamble with our future but above all, don't lose any $. There's still a little more to be milked.

Social irresponsibility will reap unpleasant long term consequences. Since the sample population attending the Town Hall is skewed, the results will be limited to that population and cannot be extrapolated to the whole population.

Friday, April 20, 2007


It appears that the Tucson City Council has violated the Open Meeting Law during the study session of April 4, 2007.

My reasons for thinking this are:

The memorandum ‘Presentation Regarding a Proposed Public/Private Partnership for a Downtown Hotel, Convention Center and Arena (Ward 1) dated April 4, 2007 refers to an Attachment: Memorandum from Council member Ibarra dated March 28th, 2007, which names a different proposal than the proposal accepted and assigned as described on the ‘Administrative Action Report and Summary April 4, 2007’, which passes for the absence of minutes, as described by a city employee. Evidently the Norville proposal was the designated agenda item as detailed in the Ibarra Memo, but the proposal voted upon was evidently presented at the meeting and voted upon without prior notification of the populace that this proposal would be even mentioned, much less voted upon.

Now I really don’t have a dog in this fight, but I do respect and admire Arizona’s Open Meeting Law and would be suitably distraught if Boss Tweed appeared among us.

It looks like passing items not on the agenda during a study session is a violation and not having minutes is a violation. If the argument that the agenda item is broad in scope and that the other proposal fits in, then I must remind you that the title refers to ‘a proposed’ not ‘proposals’, which would tend to eliminate more than one presentation. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I always thought a study session was not the time for voting. What happened to the old idea that a proposal is presented at one meeting and voted upon at another?

I remain uneasy about the idea that this ‘item was properly agendized and voted on during the Study Session Meeting. (e mail RE: city council minutes 4/13/07). What is agendizing? The published ‘administrative action report and summary’ does not resemble the agenda, memorandum, and attachment presented to the public.

Perhaps if the populace had known that the ‘new arena a described by the CS&L study’ would be a meeting topic, more people would have attended. Evidence of secrecy and violations of the Open Meeting Law should be investigated.

Exercise your voting rights and vote against secrecy in government.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Rio Nuevo Corruption

Dear Ms. Trasoff:

You must be aware of the demise of the old Indian Village by now, the relocation of the proprietor’s goods to a smaller store in La Placita, owned by a deal making developer who managed to acquire the Indian Village building and oust the long time successful business. A temporary move to La Placita and then back again to the now Rio Nuevoed building a la the Fox theater, would be fair to this business. If a developer thinks that another ‘upscale’ restaurant would generate more interest than a genuine Indian trade goods store dating from the small town days, I suppose you might be a fool to follow his advice. So renovate the old building that is not piped or vented for restaurant use back into the glorious store that does attract tourists and hotel guests out for a stroll. Think about what Tucson has been.

Are you aware that many Indian artists make a living selling work to outlets like the Indian Village? Tucson could be an Indian cultural center again and tourists would love it and goods and services would sell. Let your developer locate his blah restaurant somewhere else, like the talk o the town again or something else instructive instead of destructive to an established business with clientele.

I would like a copy of the original agreement with Mr. Bourne concerning this $100 giveaway.

Dorothy Prater Niemi

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh, God Where is Judge Larry?

Fourteen men and one woman Brit captured by the Persians
They should release her
Before their women see her
From such a different society
Might influence those women
Into a worldview beyond the one taught

The captured diplomats
Defined by those holding the meeting
Let them go after a dose
Of frontier mentality
To take home
The Code of the West.

So the Persians did what?
Is this the first time a conflict
Has occurred in that estuary?
Provocation or error
Trespassers or hostages?

Show we mercy to the world?
Injustice answered with injustice
To the innocent is self defeating
Our Supreme Commander should listen
To his Generals lest he emulate Pompey.

If indeed England is again
The financial capital of the world
And we are left with our tekkies
To dream up future success for our species
We amass and categorize knowledge

Let Alexandria rise again
Let the glory of Egypt shine
See the new glory of Rome
Tenochitlan and Monte Alban
New York and LA and China

We must share knowledge
Therein lies the trust
Necessary for academic creativity
We owe the world peace
After decades of strife.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cutoff of Colorado River CAP Water to Arizona

Analysis of: Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead

In Stage I Colorado River Shortages:

It appears that the math used to arrive at the shortage assignments differs from case to case, no doubt the result of the 60s agreement that optimistically took responsibility for all shortages on the river unto Arizona.

I now ask what the incentive for all those water users in California to conserve might be? I believe this antiquated agreement that penalizes Arizona water users unduly while cutting no allocations for others leads to profligate development and wastage of water.

As a native Arizonan, I deplore this unfair distribution of water shortage ‘allocations’. This ill-conceived agreement should be renegotiated.

Another problem is the cutting off of agriculture in favor of bedroom communities and ever continuing development is strategically foolish. Agriculture recharges the water table, provides human food and fodder for livestock and is a viable business in Arizona. I know the assumption is that food can be shipped in with less cost than the value of the water used in agriculture, but making sure that the population of Arizona is totally dependent on supplies brought in using fossil fuels is poor future planning. Fossil fuel is not going to ever be cheaper and this policy insures that the people of Arizona will be paying inflated food prices on all foodstuffs. I have a problem with this kind of shortsighted planning. Of course, the developers promote this destructive plan since they can then sop up the last of the Arizona allocation in more homes. As of now, Tucson has over 9,000 housing units for sale at inflated prices.

I do believe that prohibiting further water hookups, cutting water to golf courses and other water saving measures should be required of all communities using Colorado River water before this shortage allocation plan be implemented.

The economic problems generated by a cessation of raw development are real and can be predicted in terms of construction related unemployment. All of the communities using Colorado River water must aim for sustainability in water resources, which will force a lifestyle change among the water users.

I know that the present allocations were assigned during flood times on the Colorado, as corroborated by data from 1500-2000 AD. The ‘new’ average river flow will not sustain the current populations at their level of water use.

I suggest that mandatory conservation and cessation of new water hookups be required of all communities using Colorado River water. A refusal to conserve water and a refusal to deny new water hookups should result in immediate cuts of Colorado River water deliveries. All communities should share in the results of drought conditions.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Judge Larry and the Solution Format

War mongering and needling and provoking
Enforcement of tribal mentality
Developed in antiquity
When time speeded up
Driven by technology

We struggle to adjust to sudden change
That would have taken thousands of years
At previous rates of cultural change
Brought about by technology
Peace takes self control
Evidently lacking in warlike policy

What is a prenegotiation demand?
Is this like a preemptive strike?
Let the younger leaders come forward
Was anybody raised to vengeance
Immune from the sins of the fathers?
What facet of God shines upon us?

Begin again take a free breath
Learn from the past
But do not let the past
Control your future.
Prenegotiation means fatal prejudice
Sequence the negotiation format.

Accept the representatives they send.
If a group wishes to send a negotiator
Then so be it
All choose their own negotiator
Each negotiator will present grievances
No walkouts or absentee all listen to all

A second round of speakers addressing grievances
Each negotiator will then present desired rebuttals
To what was said
And so on until all grievances
Have been addressed.
All must have a voice for justice to be served.

Freedom of speech means
You will hear that which you do not like
You will hear what you do like
People you dislike
Can speak as can you
Threatening speech is criminal remember

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Israelis and Palestinians

Schoolyard State Department Lacks Leadership

Remember playground politics when an aggressive individual would decree who could talk to whom and would control followers’ personal spaces to prevent the exchange of information. Should you find out something about this bully person? Are secrets being kept from you? If so, why? Why should we not talk to all parties in any issue?

If Mr. David Welch did turn down the new Palestinian Platform, then there are at least two things wrong about this scene. A duly elected Democratic government is in power and has actively compromised with rivals and is now constructing a more permanent arrangement that will lead to peace. If Mr. Welch, an apparent U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, feels free to prematurely denounce these efforts, then he is foolish in his choice of actions. If he already named to whom he would not speak, perhaps he should resign and position himself where he cannot harm so many diligent efforts. Perhaps he should look up compromise in the dictionary and try to imagine the place of it in ‘his’ foreign policy that unfortunately represents the great United States of America.

Support this truly democratic effort, do not interfere in the negotiations and respect the government they choose to construct using those democratic principles so precious to the people. Dictation of what this new government may say is antithetical to the precepts we so hold dear, even if large toes are stepped upon. Bow out and allow the proceedings on the world stage rather than behind doors of our closing.

Peace comes from civilized dialogue, however spirited it may be. Since Mr. Welch is evidently a soothsayer or is making a faulty attempt to direct the course of events, perhaps a more unilateral approach should be taken, in order to reestablish our prestige in the world as a champion of freedom and individual rights of self expression. We must now prove a lack of hypocrisy as our president offers freedom to the people. We must be prepared to hear that which we did not expect to hear. One cannot dictate like a King and offer believable elections.

This compromise is a real chance for peace. The decisions concerning this delicate time should be allowed considerable more study, lest the world think we are constructing puppet governments.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Let Them Each Bring A Stone

Stop unilateral construction
Set local differences aside
And let pilgrims in with stones
To pave this disputed way
Let them each bring a stone
One each for the dead
Both Jew and Palestinian
And any others so died
In this strife
Pave the way to these sacred sites
With these stones
While praying for the end of conflict
So the new generation
Will understand peace.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Control of the Future

Control of the Future

Palestinians must halt hostilities to others and to each other
Truce must hold peace is the goal first
Before commerce dependent on other than war trade only can develop
Peaceful trade corridors fanatics must yield or cease influence
Leaders step forward war acts set aside
Emerge to lead and control your criminals restore civil order
Or let a savage junta rule your violent future
Cast this aside
Welcome a new beginning
Stop the violence

Now is the time
To achieve peace
Resolve pullout timeline
And hold to it
Munitions profiteering
Begins to pale
Dawn of the end of petroleum
Commands technological investment
Rather than a wasting war

Iraq has an elected leader
Us must cede to his assessments
If he does not want more troops
Bide his decision
Lest he be considered a puppet
Either that or hold an election
Including Baathists.
End these wasteful wars
Death in the name of religion
Must not torment the human community

By the end of the first decade second millennium after Christ
The leaders of our world do not feel obligated
To work towards world peace
They still must show accomplishments in the name of humanity
Or vanish in brief ignomy
No matter what your professed religion
Unfetter yourself from inherited hatred
And welcome a new beginning
By the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium
Our claim to fame our legacy.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Just How You Look At It

Come on let’s get real about the value of experience in understanding alternative economic development. Living in other communities doesn’t condemn one to never understanding what it is to be a Tucsonan. Oldtimers and newtimers alike can relate to a military friend of mine who returned from overseas and said we must be thankful for our way of life. Transplants to Tucson are a prodigious influx of fine minds from all over the world. The quality of their experience is not to be underestimated.

Take the late local real estate boom and the hovering specter of deflation in housing prices as viewed by the speculators. It’s kind of like buying petroleum at $70 a barrel and looking at current prices at $50 a barrel while wondering where the investment went. Speculators and small owners are keeping home prices higher while holding out for a surge in home buying when the only people left who want to buy are wealthy or credit risks. It reminds me of Houston during the 1980s where empty subdivisions sat molding on mud while buyers avoided the area.

New Orleans residents are being charged high insurance rates while insurance company profits mount and payouts lag. New Orleans is an example of how local conditions can affect the local housing market in that too many expenses to the buyer can prohibit a sale. Many sales are lost as costs like interest rates, taxes, insurance and utilities rise. Potential buyers vanish in the wake of these floods while citizens pay more for expected conditions, some forced to pick and choose, eliminating discretionary spending in luxury and service areas. Credit card and home mortgage defaults rise as credit charges accumulate. Some of this applies to Tucson as well.

Tucson real estate? Just think what would happen to the existing market if a water emergency were declared amid water shortages or even if water rationing were instituted! The bottom would drop out of the housing market as these longed for emigrants fail to arrive to buy the new houses because they don’t want to live out of a gallon jug of water. Some people might even pull up stakes and move out, leaving behind inflated mortgages for the credit people to absorb. If property values drop, tax valuations must also, leaving the government with less money generated and a horrendous water problem to solve.

We need to seriously discuss issues that affect property values and taxes. The quality of life and the open spaces upgrade property values in Pima County. The possibility of another copper mine in this area brings to mind a long time strategy of preserving our natural resources whenever possible. What happened to that idea? Is there a copper shortage? Let’s see what our congressmen and women and senators can do to save the Santa Rita Mountains from becoming another mine dump. Shall we sully Davidson Canyon in order to sell more cement to build more houses to bring more population who will use up the water supply? Public policy needs to reflect common sense.

I suggest that people sit back and think about what there is about Pima County that either brought us here or kept us here. I am a Tucson native who returned home because I learned, like the prodigal son, that there is no place like home. My idea of home is the wide open spaces, cultural events, multicultural atmosphere, and proximity to Mexico. Our future Tucson is in the making and citizens have the freedom to speak out. Elected officials and policymakers need to listen or find another address.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Iraq Commentary

The Sins of the Fathers

Animosities ancient beyond our own beginnings as a coherent people
Bubbled to the surface if a withdrawal of new forces took place
Proving Saddam’s iron fist the only master
To your vengeance
Time to gamble on peace.

We offer sanctuary for political refugees
As Vegas of future options
Which will lead to peace
Define and control inherited feuds
The sins of the fathers controlling no more.

Communicate with combatant groups
List grievances on all sides
Al Sadr saw the foe of his father slain
No prior demands
Time to talk.

Baathists have a right to vote
Where went the spoils of war?
Call for a new election.
Distribute the oil wealth to the people
Like Indian casino money.

The human cost of is irretrievable
The course of history directed
Logic dictates endgame
Time to fold ‘em
While death holds the winning hand.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nuclear Warfare

Commentary on “Focus: Mission Iran” London Times, January 07, 2007

Assuming the London Times story “Focus: Mission Iran” is accurate, this idea poses several ethical questions, the first among them is the new doctrine of preemptive paranoia, sometimes called starting wars among the more rational in society. Has our world lost any semblance of ethics as the lovely blonde woman on the news assures us that the nuclear device to be dropped on Iran by Israel would be low yield? What are we now expected to accept?

Using nuclear weapons is not acceptable by any standard. Why has the United Nations not sent nuclear weapons observers into Israel yet expects others accede to this demand? How did Israel acquire nuclear technology? Shall we review that story? Threatening the use of nuclear weapons is irresponsible. If such a nuclear strike takes place, the number of warlike regimes in the world will multiply. What then? More nuclear strikes?

To counteract this warlike attitude, I suggest a United Nations resolution that retribution shall not be taken beyond what was given. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Not an eye for a brain. So it is written in the Old Testament and the words are meaningful and those who break that word of their religion are condemned to eternal warfare, the reason for the resolution.

To give this Resolution impetus, once the retribution allowance has been exceeded, immediate member economic boycott will ensue against the offender. Nobody wants to be called greedy, yet even too much retribution is a form of greed.

Warfare is a foolish waste of resources and as such must be stopped, if not for humanitarian reasons that boggle the mind with pain. Threatening a nuclear hit is moral bankruptcy no matter who does it.