Friday, September 18, 2015

Media Jackals and the need for Populism

Media Jackals and the need for Populism

The Drama plays out as the Media struggles to control the GOP Presidential Primary.  All they wanted was a clash of the dynasties that are beholden to the same financial interests that brought us the Crash, Derivatives, Too Big to Fail and all the other bailouts that ushered in stagnant incomes for the middle class, high levels of poverty and the rich got richer and very little of it trickled down.  The Media is now part of the establishment, much like the state owned Media in other countries.  Their involvement in Media manipulation is reprehensible and does not serve the people as in freedom of the press.   

The Democrat Presidential Primary was said to be all in Bill and Hillary’s control group until Sen. Bernie Sanders dared challenge the Democrat establishment.  Where is the data about the sizes of the crowds Bill and Hillary attract?  I am tired of being ‘directed’ by the Media instead of the Media reporting what is going on.  Of course the Media reserves the right to tell you which ‘fact’ they prefer, like the annoying practice of cutting off a live speech in favor of an interpretation of the speech made by a talking head.  Are they assuming people are stupid and need their assistance in interpreting?  The USA population is extremely literate and I do believe they can decide for themselves what some candidate is really saying.

The CNN people are gleefully reporting that Mr. Trump was hiding after the ‘controversy’ he stirred up by not ‘correcting’ a member of the audience.  Freedom of speech apparently needs defense against these members of the Media.   The only ‘controversy’ about the ‘incident’ was stirred up by members of the Media and now they actually expect viewers to take them seriously as they vilify Mr. Trump for not doing what they thought he should.   I really don’t care what members of the Media believe about the candidates.  I don’t even want to know what they think.  The way they are going about ‘reporting’ is interspersing their opinions into the ‘news’ instead of having an official time for commentary that is clearly defined as an editorial.  They blur the line between fact and opinion and fiction. 

An e message going around shows that the Democrat Machine has placed friends, beneficiaries and relatives in key media positions.  Instead of appealing directly to the people, they chose to go behind the scenes to restrict and slant the ‘news’ they feed to a gullible public.  It’s despicable and is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. 

In just a few minutes, I heard at least six negative references to the GOP frontrunner made by the ‘journalists’ at CNN.  I am not so foolish as to fall for this kind of mental manipulation.  Why should a candidate correct a questioner?  Who decided that?  Bash ‘em!  Set the candidates on each other and report a biased result?  Give us all a break!   And this morning CNN is touting candidates response to Trump’s Obama comment, which was actually made by a member of the audience.  It was too much for Rick Santorum, who put down the Media for even dealing with the fake ‘issue’.  So I see some members of the Media as wildly prejudicial and totally unfair to Mr. Trump.  The Jackals of the Media attack at will and if there is no reason to attack, they make one up. 

Is the fight breaking down as a struggle between the Populists and Wall Street?  It seems that the candidates on both sides are lining up for this epic event and the Media is on the side of Wall Street instead of reporting the news from a balanced perspective.  I detest the idea of the Media choosing presidential candidates.  It’s not their job.    

So why would a struggle between Wall Street and the Populists occur?  A recent opinion on Reuter’s recalled the ‘financialization’ of the nation and the concentration of money in the hands of the few as a result of financial manipulation, rather than in investing in a business and making money on the free market by providing jobs, services and goods.  I always envisioned this as basketballs of money being thrown back and forth above our heads, like lottery balls that never hit your number. 

This financialization has cost jobs and huge sums sit in offshore accounts and I guess there is no more moral imperative to invest in the good old USA.  So where is the reporting on this important topic?  It’s obvious that Mr. Trump is correct when he says some of the financial people need less preferential treatment than they are now getting from the tax code.  Dirty fighting is nothing new from Wall Streeters or politicians but the freedom of the Media should be sacrosanct against dirty influence.   

Rumor has it that Wall Street backed both sides in the Presidential Elections and so won the election, kind of like China allegedly buying ISIS oil and funding it by selling goods to the USA markets?  The emergence of a populist candidate is astonishing in the face of all this certainty that the most well funded candidates will compete and one of them will continue the status quo in favor of continuing the financialization trend. 

Mr. Trump is a populist who made good and learned along the way and I believe he truly wants to do right by the people of this nation.  Investing in the nation and in job creation and grand projects and small businesses and a flowing of money back in the hands of the people with creative employment, services and innovation needs to happen now.