Saturday, May 20, 2017

Moral Responsibility and the Corrupt Media

Moral Responsibility and the Need For Change

Some of the Media People are afraid for their position of influence and they think they can save their jobs by attacking the President of the United States as a person and as an institution.   The popularity among the vicious left of attacking our institutions with the objective of overthrow is apparently rising, as the lies and innuendos overtake what used to be a semblance of truth.  Lies have become swords and innuendo has been announced as truth, while the audience to all of this turns more and more to the internet for information and a true difference of opinion and more accurate factual reporting.    

I was educated beginning in the 1950s and throughout my life in various institutions in Arizona, one of the last pioneer states.  I remember learning about the sanctity of the press and how those who worked as Journalists were duty bound to report the truth using open and honest sources who were not afraid to divulge their identities.  Anonymous sources were relegated to gossip rags and were subject to defamation lawsuits and general contempt.

Whatever happened to that high moral standard in Journalism?  Journalists are supposed to hold up a high moral standard for people to admire and trust.  Now we have terms like ‘spin’ instead of ‘slanted reporting’ and anonymous sources rule the Media choices of what to cover. 

The quoting of ‘sources’ who did not attend a meeting but yet were there makes me think of secret surveillance in the meeting room and afterward a hasty search for possibly damaging talk during the meeting that resulted in the Israeli connection.  Sweep the room, please.

My imagination runs wild when I think about why there is so much opposition to talking to the Russians.  Several facts come to mind: 

·         Russian Clinton Foundation Donation

·         The deal Clinton made with the Russians about our uranium

·         Bill Clinton speech financed by Russians

·         Podesta’s brother paid by Russians

·         The death of Seth Rich and the Wikileaks connection

What might the Russians know about the dealings with the Clintons and other Democrats?  I’ll bet they know shit that the Swamp Democrats are desperate to keep quiet.   The same thing goes for Sen. McCain. 

How about this?  I think it endangers National Security to NOT talk to the Russians.  The USA needs to talk with our natural allies against violent extremism and we all need to work together to defeat our common enemies.   It appears that some extremists in the USA media and government would prefer that our enemies prevail, so it must be that they are removed from power through indictment, firing or the vote.  This is corruption of the highest level. 

I guess that the Europeans are not amused about a Russia USA alliance but how about a Russia, USA, China alliance against violent extremism?  Would that work?   Maybe new alliances are the answer to obtaining peace.